New Year – New Chances

The new year 2023 with new opportunities has started. Therefore, we explain why Additional Exposure by Metapic is so important, especially at the beginning of the year.

Last-minute packages for Q4 with Metapic

For Q4, Metapic has special newsletter offers to address influencers and their communities through visual elements & product recommendations. Take advantage of the last-minute offers now!

Influencer about Black Friday

Black Friday is also an important day for influencers to generate sales. We interviewed a metapic influencer about Black Friday to get to know their side.

All about metapic

Our influencer marketing platform metapic gives you access to thousands of content creators! Find out how this works and what you should know in our interview with Jana Stieler.

Success through advertising placements

Advertising placements are always a great way to achieve high attention and expand your business in the long term. That's why we offer this in various forms with our influencer network metapic. Learn what we can do now!