Market leading business intelligence and user journey reporting

At Tradedoubler, we believe information is power, but only when you can gain actionable insights from it. This is why we have developed our business intelligence tool that enables you to quickly access the information you need to make smarter business decisions.

Our business intelligence platform enables you to visualise data insights and analyse your campaigns in real time, with full transparency, offering a large number of real-time reports reflecting every possible requirement.

In addition to the powerful capabilities of our business intelligence, our user journey reporting gives full reporting of entire online customer journeys from affiliate data to the full spectrum of your digital marketing activity, so you can see which channels and sites are involved in delivering your KPIs, and ultimately optimise your digital advertising spend across different channels and publisher business models.

Fast, easy access to complex transactional data.

Deep insight into your digital marketing data: You can capture and interact with the data that you want to see.

Understand how different programs and marketing channels act together in attracting consumers and driving them towards conversion.

Key correlations between specific user journey characteristics and products purchased.

Actionable data-driven insights at a glance.


Highly flexible customisable platform.

Enterprise tool enables you to create reports and visualisations as you need.