Travel Industry: How to grow successful

The Travel industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. As a result, the motivation of consumers to travel has increased. But how can you as a travel brand successfully draw attention to your offers?

The solution: Travel Influencer

With performance-based influencer marketing, you only pay for each provided service and the efficiency of the campaign can be accurately analysed. Additionally, you create a transparent collaboration with the content creator.

The influencer network Metapic particularly recommends CPC (Cost Per Click) campaigns. The reasons for this are:

· Lower arbitrage resulting in immediate performance and new customers
· Boost brand awareness and visibility especially when being new to the market
· Faster payout for creators, therefore higher chances your offers will be advertised
· In the long term, more content creator choices
· Control each creator performance individually and limit your portfolio to top-performing creators only
· Increased clicks (awareness) and sales

Travel Influencers work: A success story

A European Holiday-Park-Provider has already successfully benefited from travel influencers. Within a year, the company has generated extreme growth through CPC campaigns on Metapic.

Within this year, a total of 53 Metapic influencers wanted to work with this Holiday-Park-Provider and were able to successfully promote its offers.

The secret? Definitely CPC campaigns with direct CPC as well as regular CPC pushes on special days (such as Black Friday) and special promotions.

Numbers of clicks on channels:

Travel Influencers

Let users travel the world

As the click report from the Holiday-Park-Provider shows, you should plan your CPC campaign now to benefit from the early booking period. Get in touch with our Metapic experts and grow successfully >>

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