Why start Influencer Marketing with Tradedoubler?

What is Metapic

Influencer Marketing with Metapic: Metapic is an influencer network that allows brands to work with influencer marketing at scale. Metapic focuses on pure performance, which means you only pay when a transaction has been completed. Our offices are distributed all over Europe, which allows us to deliver influencer campaigns internationally.

Why promote your brand with Metapic?

Premium Network

Influencers within our global network provide high branding value.

High Conversion Rates

Increased conversions through genuine product recommendations.

Cost-effective model

Using CPC or CPA, we provide low-risk results without signup costs.

Personal Agency Service

Boost your marketing strategy’s performance with the help of our local experts.

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Creator Commerce Suite

zezam is a social commerce suite that helps creators to build a fully customized link-in-bio storefront in seconds. Creators can discover affiliate collaborations from their favorite brands and offer their followers a seamless way to transition from their content to their product recommendations. With zezam, they can make their social media feed shoppable across all platforms at the same time.

Live Video Shopping

To make live video shopping more accessible to brands and influencers, Metapic has integrated Onbaz into the influencer platform. Simply adding live video shopping to your campaign brief will activate an additional high-converting channel for you to reach more engagement and new customers through our content creators.

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