Global tracking

Tradedoubler’s global tracking solution delivers reliable ad-serving and tracking anywhere in the world. The solution uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) that are globally load-balanced.

Ultimate reliability and tracking up-time
Lightning fast response times anywhere in the world
Quick and limitless scalability to match client needs

Cookieless tracking

Our cookieless tracking solution ensures that all online journeys are accurately tracked, even when a cookie is not present. This ensures that we are able to provide a complete, accurate and reliable picture of all online journeys leading up to a sale.

  • Accurate tracking across all internet connected devices, without the use of cookies
  • Device fingerprint created without using personally identifiable information
  • Automatically active across our publisher network
  • Easy implementation for advertisers

Cross device tracking

Using deterministic matching, Tradedoubler’s cross device tracking allows you to track all online sales and understand which type of device closed each sale. The enhanced tracking platform provides you with a full and accurate understanding of how your digital marketing budget is performing, and publishers are accurately rewarded for the sales they generate.

Never miss a sale and comply with EU privacy rules.

Measure the number of sales that involve multiple devices and detect the device that closed each sale.

Assign sales to the correct channel, publisher and device.

Easy implementation for both publishers and advertisers.

Voucher code tracking

Our voucher code tracking supports the validation of exclusive codes at the point of use. Tradedoubler’s exclusive voucher codes can be distributed offline (via print, radio, TV or SMS, for example) and then redeemed and tracked online without the need to connect the sale to a click.

Increased exposure generated because authorised publishers are incentivised to promote exclusives more prominently.

Removal of unauthorised commissions, ensuring budgets are directed as planned.

Voucher performance tracking allows advertisers to see how codes are performing.

Product level tracking

Differentiate commission levels within your marketing campaigns for individual products or product groups to tailor their promotions to publishers. This type of promotion incentivises publishers to advertise the highest earning products in premium placements on your websites.

Container tag

Manage tags on your websites with a single piece of code. The one-time integration removes the need to implement multiple scripts and pixels for current and future marketing activities. Page load times are decreased through efficient content loading and script management. Container Tags can also be used for retargeting, for social media button scripts and web analytic tools, such as Google Analytics.

No technical resource required for new integration

No delay rolling out new marketing campaigns

Faster page load times

Call tracking

Call intelligence software is an effective way to drive sales and utilise existing call centre resources. This pay-per-call technology and service uses online and offline marketing channels to drive traffic and sales.

Utilise existing call centre resources​
Increase conversions of high value purchases
Assign exclusive phone numbers to publishers​

New vs. existing tracking

Track the split between new and returning customers to differentiate commission levels within your marketing campaigns.