Industry Chat: Alternative Search

93% of all purchases start with an online search. But how can users who don’t use Google be reached? In our industry chat, Bharat Sharma from SitePlug explains alternative search.

Publisher Spotlight:
Reworld Media

We interviewed Olivier Bonnet from Reworld Media. It’s the French leader in thematic media and a key player in Content Commerce with its more than 50 media brands!

Publisher Spotlight: iGraal

iGraal, the number 1 cashback portal, offers its users the best deals and high cashback. We interviewed Samy El Chehaly to tell you more about the publisher.

Publisher Spotlight: Stylight

Stylight is the world’s leading online search platform that helps online shoppers in 16 countries worldwide find Fashion, Beauty & Design brands. We interviewed Alyssa Leccese from Stylight to tell you more!

Fashion Trend Report 2021

The fashion industry is booming. That also shows our Fashion Trend Report for 2021, in which we have analysed data from partner programmes from the fashion industry in our network.

Affiliate Easter: More sales at Easter

Easter is coming in big jumps, and Easter gifts are increasingly being bought online. That makes affiliate marketing the ideal marketing strategy, but how can you be successful between all the Easter promotions and discounts?

Success through advertising placements

Advertising placements are always a great way to achieve high attention and expand your business in the long term. That's why we offer this in various forms with our influencer network metapic. Learn what we can do now!