App User Acquisition 101

App User Acquisition is the attraction of new users to a mobile-friendly app using varied and proven marketing strategies. Learn the Tactics, Trials, and Tips to attract new App Installs now.

App Marketing explained in 3 minutes

Mobile App Marketing covers a complete life cycle of a user. It is designed to attract new users, improve retention, and lower the churn rate. Learn now how to stand out from the apps in the market.

Hello From Appiness

It’s time! Today we are introducing a new brand identity for our app business: Appiness. Stay tuned for our June App-month with insights into app marketing!

Expert tips for your App Install campaign

An app without users? That is not successful. In this interview with our expert, Alsu Ganieva, you will learn how to win more users for your app with app install and which best practices result in success!