Get ready for Q4 with Influencer Marketing

It’s September, and with it, Q4 has already started. That means the quartal with the highest results needs to be planned. Therefore, we show you how to get ready for Q4 with Influencer Marketing.

Why Influencer Marketing?

In recent years, influencer marketing has become increasingly important for brands. That is due to Generation Z, who place a lot of value on the content and recommendations of other people in their customer journey. In contrast to older generations, this age group often begins its customer journey on social media platforms. But not with the channels of brands, with the social networks of content creators. That means you have to generate content in variations to reach Generation Z.

And this is where influencer marketing comes in. Nowadays, influencer marketing doesn’t only include the classic factors but much more because it adapts to the needs of consumers.

Get ready for Q4

To get the most out of Q4 with influencer marketing, Metapic is the ideal partner for you. It is a Global Influencer Hub with client-facing offices with trusted partners for influencer marketing with strong knowledge.

Newsletter exposure
Increase awareness of your brand simply and effectively by joining the weekly Metapic newsletters. Or grab the attention of everyone and book your standalone newsletter to communicate special announcements or news to the Metapic community.

Top Brand placement
With the Top Brand Placement, you will increase your brand awareness and traffic by presenting your brand among the top 10 stores on the front page of Metapic. With this, you will get a 90% chance of being continuously promoted due to higher visibility.

Product seeding
To ensure your products are highlighted in the best possible way, product gifting is the simplest and most cost-effective method to achieve more genuine content and recommendations. Let Metapic help you to reach the best results of quality content, sales, and community engagement on a monthly flat fee.

Fixed-fee campaigns
Assign a budget with a timeline, and the influencer marketing experts of Metapic will help customise a campaign package based on your individual needs. That includes a dedicated global account manager, ambassador recruitment, tailored gifting campaigns and content creations, proactive communication, and newsletter promotions.

Live Video Shopping
This feature allows an easily collaborate on live video content to increase the engagement with the community of the content creators. Additionally, you can save these videos and use them again whenever you like. Also, the ink clicks, and data will continue to be tracked in the Metapic dashboard as usual.

TikTok link-in bio
Metapic has launched a TikTok solution so the influencers can earn commissions with Metapic via a link-in-bio page.

Pre-events & activities
Campaigns? Events? Gifting? Press send-outs? Tell the Metapic experts what you need and they are happy to put together a suggestion and grow your brand with influencer marketing.

Start with a successful Q4 now!

Do you want to boost your sales at the end of the year? Then get in touch with our experts at Metapic >>

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