Open Platform: The core of our technology​

At Tradedoubler we believe that being open is good for everyone. We have therefore developed an Open Platform with global APIs that allows all our business partners to use our platform, technology and functionalities to connect and grow their business. By being the first affiliate network to offer a platform that is fully open, transparent and automated we encourage collaboration and inspire innovation for a new generation of affiliate marketing.

Simplified reporting API to quickly pull insights and import log level data.

Push changes automatically and build your own workflows on top of our platform.

Simplified feeds management, so publishers can more easily use product feeds.

API to retrieve payments and invoices. 

Products API

Real time data-transfer of product information from advertisers to publishers including product pricing, categories, codes, colours, and styles, as well as imagery.

Scalable with unlimited product feed capabilities for large product ranges.

Publishers receive dynamic updates on product pricing and availability.

Increased conversion rates through more relevant and up to date consumer information.

Vouchers API​

Streamline the global distribution of voucher codes to publishers and save time. Work with selected publishers using exclusive voucher codes. Vouchers can be tracked in offline channels in which commissions for all online transactions are correctly attributed.

Smooth integration of codes through the API
Validation of exclusive codes for revenue protection​
Offline revenue opportunities​

Conversions API

Receive automated messages instantly whenever a conversion takes place. The messages are sent in real-time, direct to your system, in the format you require. You have access to dozens of conversion attributes such as order number, time of conversion and commission values.

Claims API

Enables publishers to handle transaction claims with advertisers, throughout the purchase process. Untracked sale information from publishers is sent to advertisers in real-time. They can report, approve, or reject the claim instantly, as well as create pending status updates. Transaction claims can be resolved quickly as the status of the claim is updated through an interface.

See status changes in real time

Save time through streamlined communication between advertisers and publishers