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What is affiliate marketing?

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a retailer rewards one or more publishers (referred to as “affiliates”) for each visitor or customer brought by the publisher’s own marketing efforts.

The publisher is usually rewarded for a pre-defined action, such as a sale, a newsletter registration, a download or a click. Essentially, publishers act as an outsourced sales team for the advertiser, promoting their products and getting rewarded, most often, on a percentage of the basket value.

  • Cashback / Loyalty
  • Coupon / Discount codes
  • Blogger
  • Reward platform
  • Mobile
  • Email
  • Search
  • Partner networks
  • Price comparison
  • Content portal
  • Voucher sites
  • Social Media
  • Video

Why join Tradedoubler network?

Reliable tracking and payments

Tradedoubler’s global proprietary platform delivers reliable tracking and commission payments anywhere in the world.

In-house expertise

Our expertise in managing performance-based campaigns have been developed for 20 years. Our dedicated team of experts are here to help you grow.

Robust tools and reporting

With our innovative web-platform, you can streamline day-to-day programme management activities and create more dynamic content to drive higher conversion.


Tradedoubler proprietary technology solutions provide you with a comprehensive range of tools built around your specific needs and which enables you to easily generate revenue through links, banners or coupon codes and provide easy to use reporting capabilities to analyse and optimise performance in real time.

Influencer Marketing

As an influencer or digital creative, you reach and inspire a large audience with your content. Tradedoubler has acquired Metapic, a popular platform for product recommendations that helps advertisers and digital creatives to grow through reader engaging content. With Metapic digital creatives transform their passion into profit. Intuitive tools help you create beautiful content that generates revenue.

Tradedoubler is one of our most valued network partners. Their publisher team is highly engaged and provides great support to our team and inciteful quarterly reviews – both of which help us improve our revenues from retailers.

Rob Hanlon
Easyfundraising have collaborated with Tradedoubler since the beginning. Over the years we have expanded this collaboration to our advertisers using Tradedoubler’s white label solution, and also expanded activity into the 15 countries in which we are active with Fashiola. The support we receive is exceptional. We find it particularly important that we have regular contact with the Tradedoubler account managers in each country. This way we nurture and grow our collaboration.

Sarah-Lena Reulink

Tradedoubler has been a key partner to the Global Savings Group from the start, especially as we grew our coupon platform Our strong growth, broad customer portfolio and international success were made possible by a fruitful collaboration, especially in terms of very innovative performance analytics that helped us to optimize our offerings. We are glad to have such an enriching partnership and look forward to the years to come.

Jürgen Burkhart
Global Savings Group

With more than 5,000 brands and designers, MYBESTBRANDS is Germany’s leading shopping mall for premium and luxury fashion on the web. In Tradedoubler, we found a partner with whom cooperation is always performance- and solution-oriented. The Tradedoubler team is always very helpful and communication with our partners runs smoothly. We look forward to an ongoing successful collaboration with Tradedoubler in the future.

Jörg Domesle

I like to work with Tradedoubler because of the handy and user friendly platform where I can easily find all the information I need. The direct, friendly and smooth communication with the account managers make the work even more enjoyable!

Eva Cecchinato

The scalability of the Tradedoubler solution, coupled with a hands-on mentality in account management, has allowed us to quickly become Germany’s leading e-commerce bonus system, right behind Payback. Tradedoubler is for us an important partner and driver of innovation in the industry. We look forward to intensifying cooperation in further expansion.

Veit Mürz
Shoop Germany GmbH
Groupon_Kamil Smietanka

The relationship between Kody Rabatowe Groupon and Tradedoubler is very good. Efficient real-time reporting, user-friendly editor panel, seamless communication and Tradedoubler’s friendly team make the implementation of common projects a pleasure.

Kamil Śmietanka

Tradedoubler has been very important for the development of benifyDeals. With their expertise and professionalism we have been able to partner up with some of the largest brands in Europe.

Nermin Krajinovic

As an organization, we highly  value the cooperation with Tradedoubler. Innovative solutions, professional approach and very nice contact – you want to work with Tradedoubler!

Agata Olejniczak

Tradedoubler and Qassa are almost the same age and have been good partners since the beginning. The collaboration between Tradedoubler and Qassa is always without issue. The staff is professional, pro-active and knows what Qassa does and gives relevant feedback. The technological solutions that Tradedoubler offers like cross device tracking, help Qassa reach their goals. In the fast changing online world it’s important to have partners like Tradedoubler, that know what they are talking about.

Charina de Jonge

From the very start of our launch of our Nordic markets we have had a very close and productive collaboration with Tradedoubler! Not only do they offer a user-friendly platform and invaluable market insights, the team from Tradedoubler always provide a top class service.

Peter Langenkamp

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