Careers at Tradedoubler

We care about our employees and it is important to us that everyone is appreciated and well treated. We recognise that our employees are the key to our success and with this in mind we offer opportunities for growth and develop skills as well a rewarding working environment.

Life at Tradedoubler

Working at Tradedoubler is stimulating, challenging and fun. We pride ourselves in offering an environment where everyone can contribute and make a difference to the success of our business. People are the core of what we do, we love and value diversity.

Our culture

We bring talented and smart people together in a participative and interactive environment.
At Tradedoubler our employees learn and grow in their roles every day while we work as one team and share ideas for every challenge, strategy or project. Our working environment is inclusive, collaborative and diverse.
Our core values – Collaborative, Analytical, Optimistic, Determined and Daring – are the foundation for everything that we do.


Why work at Tradedoubler?

Employees have the opportunity to develop digital marketing and knowledge experience. 

Our employees will have dedicated and highly skilled people as their colleagues.

We are an international company and we create opportunities for employees to work internationally.

Our values – collaborative, analytical, optimistic, daring and determined  are the foundation of our dynamic and results driven culture. 

Cristina Pizzo
Working for Tradedoubler is a great experience. The best part is that you never stop learning:  if you want to improve your career this is the right place! We are all great workers, but we know how to have fun, that is why we are such a cohesive team. Everyone can express ideas and opinions, bringing contribution to the company. If you are looking to join us you won’t regret it!
Christoffer Jensen
I started to work for Tradedoubler about 2 years ago. Just when the pandemic hit the market! I had just moved back to my home country – It was troublesome times, but Tradedoubler opened their arms and embraced me like a second family.

Since then, I have been the face outwards towards our Norwegian market. My daily operations are overseeing our advertiser and publishers. Developing and growing both their and our business and helping the Norwegians expanding their e-commerce business outside off the country.

Tradedoubler has allowed me both to challenge myself professionally and as a person. I do not think I would have grown to become the knowledgeable man I’m today without their help, and for that – I will be forever grateful!
Tania Prieto
What attracted my attention the most when I started working at Tradedoubler was the friendly and collaborative environment projected by my colleagues and senior management. I didn't feel like a number here. I have always felt part of the group. Tradedoubler makes a positive difference to the lives of others by assuring a collaborative environment where everyone is heard, values the talent and offers growth opportunities within the company.

I joined Tradedoubler in 2014 as an Account Executive within the Central Services team based in England. A year later they offered me the opportunity to return home (Madrid) and start managing local accounts. In 2018 I was promoted to Account Director, where I had my first contact managing a mini team. And, more than 3 years ago I was promoted to Head of Client Services leading the Account managers team.

Tradedoubler has given me the opportunity to build a career within the company and specialize in affiliate marketing.
Alejandra Campos
I started working at Tradedoubler 7 years ago and I can only say that I am delighted and proud to be part of this great company!

Within Tradedoubler I have had the opportunity to grow professionally to my current position as Head of Partnership Development, and what I like most about my job is the possibility to be in contact with a large number of publishers and partners who are engaged in different activities, which allows me to know the online market in detail and keep abreast of all developments that are emerging in the sector.

But for me the best thing about Tradedoubler is the extraordinary team that make up this company, it's great to have colleagues who always bring a smile to your face and I hope to have great times with them for many years to come!
Aurélien Obadia
I had the opportunity to join Tradedoubler in October 2020 as Sales Director for the French market. My role has been to build our sales team and enable them to achieve our goals across all of Tradedoubler's products and services (Mobile, Affiliate, Content Commerce, Influence, Technology).

Today I am in charge of 4 people in the French market and I am delighted to be part of the French Tradedoubler team and to be able to bring my past experience in the affiliate industry, digital marketing and software.
Alexandra Moulahcene
I started working at Tradedoubler 7 years ago as an Office and Event Manager. Within Tradedoubler, I had the opportunity to grow professionally to my current position as a Communication & Partnership Manager and start my career in the Webmarketing industry!

Working at Tradedoubler France is a great human experience, we have a strong and fantastic team! I can thrive in this positive and challenging work environment with very competent colleagues, I can only recommend Tradedoubler!
Tiphaine Menadier
I joined Tradedoubler France 6 years ago and started as Account Manager at the campaign departmenet for the management of CPL campaigns mainly.

Then, I had the opportunity to work within the Client team as Account Manager on affiliate programs, which allowed me to work on all the levers of affiliation.

Today, I am Senior Client Development Manager. I continue to work on the subjects of affiliation and client satisfaction, which for me is an important point, but also on other levers such as our Tradedoubler products, we indeed offer a fairly wide and comprehensive range (CPI, programmatic, branding, etc.). This allows me to make the appropriate proposals according to customer needs and to provide them with all our levels of service.

It is a pleasure to work within Tradedoubler and to support clients in their development.

International opportunities

We are an international company with offices in nine European countries and just opened an office in Singapore to expand our business and capitalise on the developing Asian e-commerce market.
Our employees come from all over the world, producing a culturally diverse environment where creativity, communication and idea sharing are highly valued. 

Anna Lennerup

Anna Lennerup

Anna Lennerup experienced working in different roles and countries before moving to Spain.

Ulrik Ljungberg

Ulrik Ljungberg

Ulrik Ljungberg has worked in the UK and Sweden offices for many years. Since September 2020, he has been based in Spain and works internationally.

Artur Michalak

Artur Michalak

Artur Michalak is employed in Poland and has worked in Sweden and Germany for a couple of months.

Join our team

We’re looking for people to join the team who are as excited as we are to help advertisers and publishers grow their business.