Life at Tradedoubler

Working at Tradedoubler is stimulating, challenging and fun. We pride ourselves in offering an environment where everyone can contribute and make a difference to the success of our business.
People are the core of what we do, we love and value diversity.

Careers at Tradedoubler

We care about our employees and it is important to us that everyone is appreciated and well treated. We recognise that our employees are the key to our success and with this in mind we offer opportunities for growth and develop skills as well a rewarding working environment.

Our culture

We bring talented and smart people together in a participative and interactive environment.
At Tradedoubler our employees learn and grow in their roles every day while we work as one team and share ideas for every challenge, strategy or project. Our working environment is inclusive, collaborative and diverse.
Our core values – Collaborative, Analytical, Optimistic, Determined and Daring – are the foundation for everything that we do.


We are quick to share learning and best practice to the benefit of our customers and business partners. We value open, direct communication internally and externally. We take personal responsibility for our actions and are proactive in developing solutions that will meet or exceed our customers expectations; we recognize and celebrate success.


We value analysis and insight because it drives informed decisions and delivers smarter results for our customers. Focus is important: we set clear priorities and deliver on them to make a difference to our business.


We like to sit in the drivers seat  and look for opportunities in the challenges ahead. We are positive: if we apply our collective talents and work hard we will overcome barriers and climb mountains.


We are innovative, creative and we take and manage calculated risks. We learn from setbacks: they are a key step on the journey to ultimate success. 


We are passionate about success. Our customers success is our success. We set ourselves stretch goals and are committed. 

Why work at Tradedoubler?

Employees have the opportunity to develop digital marketing and knowledge experience. 

Our employees will have dedicated and highly skilled people as their colleagues.

We are an international company and we create opportunities for employees to work internationally.

Our values – collaborative, analytical, optimistic, daring and determined  are the foundation of our dynamic and results driven culture. 

International opportunities

We are an international company with offices in nine European countries and just opened an office in Singapore to expand our business and capitalise on the developing Asian e-commerce market.
Our employees come from all over the world, producing a culturally diverse environment where creativity, communication and idea sharing are highly valued. 

Artur Michalak

Artur Michalak is employed in Poland and has worked in Sweden and Germany for a couple of months.

Anna Lennerup

Anna Lennerup experienced working in different roles and countries before moving to Madrid.

Mark Bunce

Mark Bunce is based in London but spent a year in Madrid.

Join our team

We’re looking for people to join the team who are as excited as we are to help advertisers and publishers grow their business.