The all-in-one solution Metapic

Influencer network? Metapic can do much more! With Metapic, you have your all-in-one solution that covers all areas of influencer marketing. We show you the possibilities to quickly generate reach for your brand.

High reach through Metapic

With the help of Metapic creator Cosima Gerckens, we show the various possibilities of the all-in-one solution. Because she uses all performance offers to promote the products of the brands in the best possible way.

Influencer network

Metapic is an influencer network that allows brands to work with influencer marketing at scale and a focus on pure performance. Through offices all over Europe, Metapic can deliver influencer campaigns internationally.

Live video shopping

Metapic has integrated Onbaz into the influencer platform to make live video shopping accessible to brands and influencers.

live video shopping - all-in-one solution metapic

TikTok solution

Promote your products by influencers on the fastest-growing social media platform or have your live video shopping session on TikTok, where the trends start.

tiktok - all-in-one solution metapic

Product and Storefront

With the social commerce suite zezam, creators can build a fully customised link-in-bio storefront with analytics tools and transparency.

zezam - all-in-one solutin metapic

Do you want an all-in-one solution for Influencer Marketing?
Then get in touch with our Metapic experts and discover all your best opportunities >>

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