App User Acquisition 101: Tactics, Trials, and Tips to attract new App Installs

App has become increasingly relevant and crucial for a lot of businesses. It keeps current and future customers engaged and up to date. Do you find yourself sometimes checking and re-checking an app to see what is new and exciting? That. It could include a blowout sale, a newly-launched product, or updated loyalty program benefits. Apps create an ease of use –  versus requiring users to remember and enter website data on their mobile devices. 

Companies new to the app game understand the pure marketing power but, the struggles lie in how to acquire app users so they may benefit from a myriad of products and services across a vast number of industries worldwide. 

With almost 4,000 new apps added to the Google Play Store daily, businesses continue to scratch their head contemplating effective strategies to compete with the big boys regarding how to acquire new app users. Statista has reported that the average mobile phone owner spends 96% of their time on just ten apps which leaves the remaining millions of company-owned applications fighting to be in each user’s top ten list. 

What is App User Acquisition?

App User Acquisition is the attraction of new users to a mobile-friendly app using varied and proven marketing strategies. The end goal of User Acquisition (UA) is to turn leads and app users into full-fledged, paying customers and promote a sense of brand loyalty among existing clientele. It is one of the three stages in Mobile App Marketing.

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App user acquisition

How to attract new users: The Tactics

Consider your target audience and use associated demographics, habits, and preferences to advertise the benefits of your app over millions of others. While those preferences can pivot rapidly, so should marketing messages, app content, and the methods of procuring pertinent information. Gather data and implement feedback because staying relevant with your customer persona is crucial to attracting and retaining visitors. 

Drive strategies based on performance and not a “shot in the dark.” This tactic allows for a more targeted campaign based on actual results as opposed to pure visibility – and generates boosted revenue numbers. In addition to the efficacy, performance-based advertising gets more “bang for your buck” where former budget-busting initiatives may not have yielded outcomes.   

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Challenges of acquiring new app users: The Trials 

Depending on whether the focus lies in organic or paid traffic – business objectives and KPIs may influence decision-making toward one or the other. Many marketing novices rely solely on organic marketing, but targeted paid traffic gets your branding, business, products, and services in front of the target market – and urges them to download your app. 

Operating on a global scale may pose marketing challenges and may not produce the same results from one culture to another. To reach target clientele across all continents, alter campaigns, messaging, and content to relate to and attract a diverse group of app users.

User acquisition guidance: The Tips

Without a benchmark and solid performance measures, it is challenging to understand when your marketing efforts have proven successful or have fallen flat. Develop measurable and trackable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) centered on the most pressing preferred outcomes. These metrics could include Cost per Click (CPC), Cost per Install (CPI), Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), Conversion Rates, and Return On Ad Spend (ROAS), for example. 

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