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Perhaps you have been on an edge whether to start an App User Acquisition campaign.
Perhaps you have decided to start one but not so sure where to start.
Perhaps you have started one and look to expand your channels to include wider audience.
Perhaps you are not satisfied with your current campaign and could use some advice.
Perhaps you are satisfied and still could use some advice.

Hello! We would love to chat with you.

Appiness provides a mobile performance solution for App Marketing. We work with app owners, agencies, and marketeers to acquire new users, retain, and engage users in the app. We are a team of dedicated and motivated experts, ready to champion your campaign.

Start an App User Acquisition campaign with us is straightforward and quick.

Here are the simple six steps:

app user acquisition campaign

Step 1: Contact us

Say hello here. Expect a prompt response; we organise the first call to discuss details with you. 

Step 2: SDK integration with the Mobile Marketing Platform (MMP)

If you are integrated with MMP, you can skip this step. If not, we will guide you through how we can move forward. This step is crucial in order for you and us to track campaign performance. 

We are integrated with leading MMPs in the market such as:

app user acquisition campaign

Step 3: Confirm campaign details and sign the contract

In the call, we would discuss campaign details. We look at:
· App Store / Google Play link 
·  Geo location
· OS
· Optimisation KPI
· User flow
· Payout per Install or Event
· Budget
· Traffic restrictions if applicable

Once we agree on the details and terms, we will send you a proposal and, if you are to proceed further, a contract.

Step 4: Activate Appiness in MMP and allow event attribution

We will be happy to walk you through this process. We would also share a step by step guide.

Step 5: Share your creatives and marketing materials

We support a variety of ad formats.

Step 6: Integration test performed by us

Once this is done, we are ready to go live!

The whole process can be completed within a week. You receive continuous support from us at every step. Once the campaign is live, we optimize the traffic and regularly report to you on performance.

Voila – we look forward to getting started!

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About Appiness

Appiness is a global mobile performance solution for app marketing and monetization, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We work with several models like App download (CPI), Registration (CPR), Sales (CPS), to achieve the best results, reach objectives, and grow your business further.

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