Expert tips for your App Install campaign

An app without users? That is not successful. In this interview with our expert Alsu Ganieva, you will learn how to win more users to your app during your app install campaign and which best practices lead to success!


Can you briefly introduce yourself and tell us something about your App Install work?

I am App Success Manager for DACH Region. At the moment I am managing everything related to app campaigns in the DACH market: app promotion strategies for our clients, technical integration, testing, campaign management, traffic delivery & optimization.

Can you please introduce App Install to us?

Actually, you can compare it to traditional affiliate programs, which run on CPA or CPS. On CPA/CPS programs the pixel fires after a sale is made. With App Install campaigns, also known as CPI (cost per install), the pixel fires after the app is installed and opened. On CPI we focus on driving new user acquisition and are paid fixed fee per unique install.


What can clients achieve with Tradedoubler and App Install?

Focus on your KPIs
We develop app promotion strategy based on your specific needs and KPIs, continually monitor and optimize quality traffic that meets your goals.

Industry Expertise
You will benefit from our expertise in app install, user acquisition and monetization. We ensure that the most suitable traffic is delivered on your campaign and ensure transparency.

Full media planning and account management
You receive your dedicated account manager who is on top of things, monitors the quality and delivery and ensure that the campaign is aligned with your marketing calendar.

Fast and Flexible
We run long term (quarter/annual) as well as short term promotions ​and can start the campaign within one week.

How to

What should advertisers look out for when they want to start an App Install campaign?

· Reasonable payout and clear KPI to receive the best traffic.

· Stable and long-term budget, at least €5k and >1month.

· Integration with MMP (mobile measurement platform). This will allow to track installs as well as in-app events to optimize for quality. Tradedoubler is integrated with leading MMPs in the market: Appsflyer, Adjust, Branch, Kochava, Singular.

How does the setup work for an App Install campaign?

These are the steps involved in the campaign set-up process. If the contract is signed, the integration is done and the creatives are ready, Tradedoubler can go live within 1 week.

1. Check of SDK integration
2. Specification and confirmation of campaign details
3. Sign the IO
4. In MMP: Activation of Tradedoubler as a partner incl. event attribution
5. Setup of creatives and marketing materials
6. Integration test
7. Go live

Do you have best practices for successful App Install campaigns for us?

1. It is important to have a clear outline of advertiser expectation before we start the promotion.

2. Relevant creatives: Strong call to action, i.e. download now, clear and simple text, to the point why this app. Branding, consistent with other marketing. To find out more about creative formats check this article >>

3. Timely payment from the advertisers to ensure traffic continuity.

4. Open to testing different traffic types and sources to achieve best performance.

Do you want to start your App Install campaign? Our experts will help you >>

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