Sephora partners with Tradedoubler for app downloads

Closing our June App-Month with a conversation with Sephora!

Since a while back, Tradedoubler has been offering the opportunity for existing and prospective advertisers to drive app downloads. One of the first to launch a campaign in the Nordics is Sephora.

With the increased usage of mobile devices, companies are now using apps as a primary way to engage with their users. Apps are used to share information, provide marketing for products and services, as well as a way to build brand awareness. The rapid rise of popularity of mobile devices has created a wide range of opportunities, but it has also resulted in stiff competition. In order to differentiate from competitors, businesses must create a comprehensive marketing strategy which takes into consideration the app markets’ unique challenges and possibilities.

App marketing is the process of marketing a mobile app in order to reach and engage potential users. It entails developing a strategy and plan for the marketing of the app, as well as executing the plan using various channels such as paid advertising, social media, email marketing, among others.

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We speak with Sephora about the user acquisition campaign:

Why did you choose Tradedoubler to assist you with App downloads?

Tradedoubler has been a partner of ours for quite some time, so it was a given for us to test an app campaign through Tradedoubler when the opportunity presented itself.

Sephora’s goal with the campaign was primarily to increase App downloads for their app in Denmark and Sweden with a Cost Per Install model. The campaign was launched in March and was active until the end of April. The campaign resulted in 4 560 app downloads, evenly distributed between Denmark and Sweden.

How would you describe the process since the launch?

It was clear, straightforward and effective from start to finish.

Thank you Sephora for your trust and partnership!

Starting an App download campaign

Last but not least, we put a quick step by step guide for starting an App download campaign >>

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