How satisfied are you with Tradedoubler?

Our mission is to generate more revenue for our clients and partners than anyone else. To ensure that we consistently improve our products, services, and customer satisfaction, we recently conducted the Tradedoubler Satisfaction Survey in July 2023.

In this survey, we have asked our long-standing advertisers, agencies, and publishers in all markets for their feedback on our products and services. Now, we want to share the results and improvements with you.

Results of the Tradedoubler Satisfaction Survey 2023

Overall, we received positive feedback from our advertisers, agencies, and publishers across all markets. But we were also happy to receive some constructive responses to help us improve our business better to your needs. We take all feedback seriously and want to work on the improvements.

Result advertisers and agencies:

Tradedoubler Satisfaction

The advertisers and agencies results show that 72.8% of our long-standing advertisers and agencies are fully satisfied with Tradedoubler and are also happy to recommend us to others. 20.2% of respondents are satisfied with us, and 7.0% would like us to do better.

The positive feedback was mainly related to our new advertiser interface, the high-quality customer service, the different growth opportunities in our network, and our teams. Described as “Speed, efficiency, and high-quality service.”, “Different opportunities available to grow.”, and “Competent and friendly advice and support.”

Result publishers:

Tradedoubler Satisfaction

The result of the publishers is pretty similar – 72.4% of our long-standing publishers are fully satisfied with Tradedoubler and are also happy to recommend us to others. 19.8% of respondents are satisfied with us, and 7.8% would like us to do better.

Once again, we were highly praised, especially by our teams, for the fantastic customer service and the value provided through great partnerships. Here are some examples: “The account managers always go above and beyond to find and explain solutions.”, “Diversity of cooperation opportunities.”, “Wide range of programs, intuitive system.”


In total, we mostly receive positive scores in all markets for customer service. Additionally, we received a lot of constructive feedback to make the new interfaces even better. We will take every comment seriously and try to implement it according to the wishes of the interfaces. You can follow the improvements regularly in our technology updates:

We also received feedback to make our customer service even more effective and to continuously make the range of programs as well as brands more attractive. All these comments are a useful basis to further work on ensuring that you, as our clients and partners, are satisfied with Tradedoubler. Therefore, you are always welcome to pass any requests to your Tradedoubler expert.

Tradedoubler Satisfaction

Thank you!

We also want to use this time to thank our clients and partners for working with Tradedoubler and for their trust in our products and services!

Didn’t take part in the survey? No problem – Participate in the survey now and give us your feedback so that we can continue to improve >>

You can also send us your feedback at – Thank you!

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