Technology Updates: Advertisers

We are continuously working on optimising our technology offerings for you and adapting our advertiser interface to your needs. Here you will find an overview of all new Features, Tools, and Technical News from our development team:

13.07.2023: Report currency

technology update - advertisers

Now you can choose the reporting currency. That means you can select your preferred currency to display your report data.

This feature offers increased flexibility and allows you to analyse financial information according to your preferences and specific needs. Whether it’s dollars, euros, pounds, or other currencies, you can analyse and track your performance in the currency of your choice.

13.07.2023: Prepayment balance

technology updates - advertisers

The prepayment balance report improves your ability to monitor your budget daily. This report is a valuable tool for the effective management of publishers and the perfect use of your prepayment funds.

Go to the Advertisers platform > click on Finance menu > click on Prepayment balance.

26.05.2023: Restrict program / website to the user

Technology Updates: Advertisers

Advertiser’s owners and admins can now restrict access to programs to different users in their organisation. On user creation or user details, you can Restrict access to some programs.

· The owner should not have any access restrictions. Then for any other user, including Admins, the restriction may apply at the program level.
· Admins are allowed to create users only among their own scope of access.

(For example, if an OrgID is having programs A, B, C, D, E, F. Owners will access all of them. If an Admin has been restricted to access only programs A, B, and C, he/she can grant the following access: A only; B only; C only; A and B; A and C; B, and C; or A,B, and C.)

26.05.2023: Case-insensitive research

Technology Updates: Advertisers

When we are looking for a program or website in the interface, we are now case INSENSITIVE, so you can search without distinction, between lowercase and uppercase letters, from your search field and the actual program name, which was a main concern for our users.

24.10.2022: Auto-Approve

Technology Updates: Advertisers

Unprocessed transactions are automatically accepted (Auto-Approve) or declined (Auto-Deny) after a certain period. Now, a new column is available on Transactions > Pending, which shows you the number of days until a transaction is Auto-Approved or Auto-Denied.

24.10.2022: Denied Transactions

Technology Updates: Advertisers

Now, you will also see in your interface, why transactions were denied. Simply go to Transactions > Report, the reason for denied transactions will automatically display via a simple mouse over on the “denied”-field.

If you want to download the overview of all transactions via the Export button, the reason will also be shown in the exported list.

15.06.2022: Voucher Bulk Upload

Technology Updates: Advertisers

Do you want to upload several promotions at once? No problem! With the new Voucher Bulk Upload feature! You can download a template via Ads Manager > Vouchers > Upload Vouchers. You only have to fill out the template, save it and then upload your template back into the interface.

And voilà: All actions are automatically transferred to the promotion tool and can be viewed by your publishers.

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