Successfully through the right management of your influencer campaign

Do you want to start with influencer marketing? Or do you want to make your influencer campaign more successful? We have the solution for advertisers and influencers – the white label solution from metapic. But what features does this solution exactly offer?

Management of your influencer campaign

Influencers take over the role of the publisher in affiliate marketing. Because they also promote the product to consumers, but via a different channel than the usual publisher – through social media.

So why not manage the whole influencer campaign like an affiliate network? The all-in-one solution from metapic offers transparent performance and features from which all parties can benefit. That means regular statistics and close cooperation, which is essential for success in affiliate marketing.

Advantages for everyone

By using the promising white label solution from metapic, there are advantages for all parties involved.
Through the use of the success promising white label solution from metapic, there are advantages for all parties involved:

Influencers get access to a platform to manage their whole campaign and easily connect with new brands.

+ less effort
+ easy connection to new brands
+ better performance
+ saving time

Agencies gain access to a tool that takes over the complete management and thus ensures a unique selling proposition.

+ more statistics
+ new influencers and brands
+ influencers as contractual partners
+ better management, as the entire performance of the campaign is shown
+ saving time

Brands get access to a solution that works as an affiliate network.

+ complete management of the influencer campaign
+ service
+ access to the whole network
+ statistics of the entire performance
+ saving time
+ increasing brand awareness and sales

Metapic, as the provider of the white label solution, increases its own network through the use of the tool by influencers and advertisers.

+ new influencers and brands
+ provision
+ spreading affiliate marketing with influencers
+ more users

Start now with your influencer campaign!

Manage your influencer campaign with the white label solution from metapic and benefit from an all-in-one management tool and a transparent performance between the involved parties. Our metapic team looks forward to supporting you >>

Find out more about the white label solution from metapic here >>

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