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The link sticker on Instagram is now available to everyone. As a result, more and more advertisers are focusing on Nano-Influencers. This certainly means a higher communication effort that needs to be managed. But how can this be done?

Tradedoubler has the solution for advertisers and influencers: the white-label solution from metapic.

White-label solution – The all-in-one tool

The white-label solution from metapic is a management tool that presents and manages content transparently. It also takes care of collaborations with (big) brands/advertisers. However, the most important part is that this tool is intended for influencers who do not want to be available to every brand. It was initially designed as a virtual private network management system for the communication of influencers. A flexile and adaptive solution to continue to increase brand awareness and reach, whilst boosting traffic and driving conversions.

The special feature of the white label solution from metapic

The metapic solution works as an affiliate network. In this case as an interface between advertiser and influencer, which saves both sides a lot of time. Metapic delivers the necessary infrastructure, from the technical requirements to the tracking and remuneration, all supported by our experts.

  • Easy access to Advertisers

  • All administrative work takes care of

  • Access to special features

Get ready now!

November 2021 has shown the importance of good organisation with Singles Day, Black Week and Cyber Week. So be well prepared for the winter sales this year. The white-label solution from metapic makes it possible for you! Get in touch with us and start now >>

white label solution metapic
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