It’s time for Back-to-School with Influencers

Soon school will start again! But many pupils, students, parents, etc. prefer to enjoy their free time at the moment. Therefore, they don’t have enough time to go to a shop and buy learning materials before school or university start. That makes it even more important for advertisers and publishers to promote their products through a Back-to-School campaign. Finally, the customers are more willing to buy and decide on your offer.

Back-to-School has more potential than you think!

The Back-to-School target group is very large because it includes parents, pupils, students, teachers, etc. Your goal now is to meet each different need to retain customers in the long term.

And this is where metapic comes into play with influencer marketing. Especially the younger generation, which spends a lot of time in their free time on social media, can be reached perfectly through influencers. Because with the help of the trust and reach of the influencers, your brand can presented positively, giving you attention and brand awareness. In addition, influencers provide the necessary impulse to buy and have an excellent basis of trust with your community, which spreads to your brand at the same time. And best of all: The influencer and metapic do most of the work for you.

The possibilities

We have summarised several options for you that are perfect for your back-to-school campaign with influencers:

1. Information-Campaign
Do you have products that require a lot of explanation for influencers? No problem. Metapic offers its advertisers the possibility to present all necessary information on the network. This way, the influencers immediately have the needed content available, and can start their promotion.

2. Big-Campaign
Do you have many ideas that you want to present to your target group with the help of influencers? Here, it pays to be early to really use this channel successfully. Together with you and your selected influencers, we create a large campaign which runs over the entire back-to-school period.

3. Topic-Campaign
Do you want to reach a new target group? To do this, you can use special promotions, such as a competition, an event, or similar, to stand out from your competitors, especially during the back-to-school time. Influencers help you to generate interest in your brand by recommending your products to the community.

Use the potential

Have you decided to run your Back-to-School campaign with influencers? Then contact our metapic experts now >>

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