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Three months ago, Tradedoubler acquired zezam to merge the social commerce suite with Metapic. All content creators can now create their personal link-in-bio storefront and promote their affiliate collaborations across all platforms (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube) at the same time.

What is zezam?

zezam is a German creator commerce platform founded in 2019 by Niklas Schwake and Jürgen Burkhart. Creators can build a fully customised link-in-bio storefront within seconds, which helps them to make their social media feed shoppable across all platforms at the same time.  

Particularly with regard to the customer journey of Generation Z, who places great value on content and recommendations of creators, zezam opens a new scalable marketing channel for brands. Studies show that Generation Z trusts creators more than brands when researching information before making a purchase decision. That’s why creators play an increasingly important role and a shoppable social media feed is a huge opportunity for brands to reach customers in an authentic and entertaining way.  

The Features

CPC, CPO, and fixed-fee
Brands can find a suitable content creator through Metapic and only have to pay if an order is generated. In addition, brands can buy additional exposure for special placements.  

Customised link-in-bio page
Creators can create and customise their bio-page within a few seconds and present their favourite products to their audience.  

Directly on social media
Content creators can share affiliate links in their Instagram stories or on their zazam page across all platforms.  

Everything tracked
Brands can decide with which creators they want to work and have full transparency over the content that was posted and all important performance metrics.  

The Advantages

With zezam, everyone wins!  

  • Brands solve their customer-acquisition problem and offer a new channel for customers to discover their products across all social media platforms.  
  • Creators can act as ecommerce shops, without dealing with the problems of stock and fulfilment.  
  • Shoppers can discover new products from people they trust, all delivered in a seamless buying experience on social media. 

Start now!

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