What consumers buy on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner on 14th February, so it’s time to get ready now! To enable you to create your Valentine’s campaign in line with consumer expectations, we surveyed around 500 consumers about Valentine’s Day.

Expectations for Valentine’s Day 2024

While 50% of those surveyed celebrate Valentine’s Day through various means such as giving gifts, cards, and hugs, a notable 80% reported both giving and receiving gifts on this special celebration.

It is noteworthy that more than 80% of Valentine’s Day shoppers purchase gifts for their loved ones only when there are available discounts. However, around 60% of them are unhappy with the available discounts. So, take your chance in 2024 and offer consumers attractive deals! That works particularly well with performance marketing. Here, you increase your presence and only pay for performed services. We are happy to help you with this >>

When it’s time to purchase?

Valentine's Day

Especially from 31st January to 14th February, you should advertise your offers for consumers to discover and choose your products.

What will be bought?

Valentine's Day

Surprisingly, many participants receive what they expect on Valentine’s Day. Products from the Beauty, Fashion, Flowers, and Decoratives sectors are particularly noteworthy. However, with a notable focus on products falling within the price range of 20€ to 100€.

From where the purchase will be made?

Valentine's Day

If your industry doesn’t include the typical Valentine’s Day gifts, you shouldn’t miss out on the shopping event, nonetheless.  As we have discovered, Valentine’s Day shoppers prefer to look for great offers and inspiration on this day.  That means you need to develop a marketing campaign that picks up on the Valentine’s Day theme and offers good discounts as well as inspiration.

Tips for your Valentine’s Day campaign

#1 Look at introducing your Valentine’s Day themes into the marketing mix in early February to take advantage of those organised shoppers.
According to our survey, 52% are organised shoppers.

#2 Do consider running campaigns to capture those last-minute shoppers as well and try highlighting the last delivery date options to increase the urgency to purchase.

#3 Optimise your mobile presence to take advantage of on-the-go purchases.

Time to start planning now!

It’s time to start planning your Valentine’s Day campaign! Get in touch with our expert and get the highest sales out of it >>

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