Expert Interview: How to improve your business with Tradedoubler PVN

Empik has improved its business with the help of Tradedoubler PVN. And you can do it as well. Learn the secrets behind it in our expert interview with Mikołaj Kraśniewski, Junior Performance Marketing Specialist.


Our expert on this issue: Empik

Mikołaj Kraśniewski, Junior Performance Marketing Specialist at Empik, explains why they wanted to use Tradedoubler PVN and how it will improve the business in the long term.

First, can you briefly introduce Empik to us?

Until recently, Empik was known mainly for selling books and music. It is one of the leading marketplaces operating in the Polish e-commerce market and is growing yearly.

Why do you use Tradedoubler PVN?

Empik has been successfully cooperating with Tradedoubler for several years, and due to the goals to expand our activities, we decided to use Tradedoubler PVN technology. It helps with managing ongoing internal activities, for example, with influencers.

How does the Private Network help to improve the business of Empik?

PVN enables direct cooperation with small and medium-sized influencers, which allows us to increase the reach and sales for

What are the three main benefits of using Tradedoubler PVN?

1. Flexibility – that for us is the ability to select the billing model, communication, and optimization of the activities of each publisher in the PVN.

2. Support – efficient and effective support of the Tradedoubler team in the activities carried out at PVN.

3. Efficiency – technology enables quick optimization of activities such as detecting fraud activities of publishers or, on the other hand, awarding the most effective ones.

From your experience, would you recommend Tradedoubler PVN for managing affiliate programs for multiple brand products?

We can confidently recommend using Tradedoubler PVN technology if you value quality.

Mikołaj Kraśniewski

Mikołaj Kraśniewski, Junior Performance Marketing Specialist at Empik

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About Tradoubler PVN

Tradedoubler PVN

Tradedoubler PVN is a unique white-label solution based on a Private Virtual Network. Through it, we provide you with the possibility of managing as many advertisers and publishers as you want directly through one central platform.

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