Top 50 Industry Players 2020 by PerformanceIn!


We are proud to announce that our colleague, Wolfgang Scherer is nominated one of the Top 50 Industry Players 2020 by PerformanceIn!


PerformanceIn is honouring remarkable individuals around the world who supported partners and contributed to industry-wide changes to ensure that the performance marketing channel successfully pivots into a new digital era.


“We are leading industry players for over 20 years now. This makes us champions.
But being a champion is hard and long teamwork. I see our mission in bringing exceptional value and growing success for our partners. And this can only be reached with a few simple ingredients: intelligent and ambitious teamwork, the courage to fail, freedom of creativity and the strong wish to become better day by day. But even if you have all that, you will still miss the essential: great people. I am more than happy that PerformanceIn recognizes and honours exceptional people and I’m very proud that Wolfgang has been chosen to be listed within these. He showed exceptional work, especially during the last hard months. Really well done Wollo! And of course, a big thank you to the whole great team, that stands behind him! Think of it when you see this: #bestteamever.”
Claudia Batschi-Rota, Country Manager Germany, Austria and Switzerland at Tradedoubler.


Wolfgang quickly adapted to the new situation that COVID-19 confronted us with and found new concepts for spotting opportunities. This provided our partners with new revenue streams and gave them support in these challenging times. Formats like “Deal of the Day”, the “Digital Convention”, the “DEAL CLUB VIP” are just a few of the new concepts meant to provide uplift, new opportunities, and inspiration to our partners.


Tradedoubler supports exceptional people. With a super robust technology, a pioneering eye for innovation and more than 20 years of European expertise, we build our services on great people, giving them space to grow. And this ensures the highest quality for our partners.


Wollo, congratulations from the whole Team!
Keep up the good work!

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