Last week we caught up with Karl Wood to discuss all things Piggy, have a read today!


Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Karl and I am the Managing Director, EMEA for Piggy. I am responsible for our growth in the EMEA region and the relationships we form as part of that.

Can you introduce Piggy and the core business values?

Piggy is a consumer facing proposition that looks to provide our users with the best incentive content available to ensure they are converting with the best possible deal. What started as a browser extension offering has now evolved to become an offer content distribution platform, used by millions of users globally. We interact with our users through their browser, our website, their social accounts and their inbox. In addition to this, our proposition holds huge value for retailers who can utilise our engaged audience to increase reach, reduce bounce rates and ultimately improve conversion.

What would you say are the biggest benefits for an advertiser working with Piggy

We offer advertisers a channel to communicate incentives to a large and unique base of consumers that are highly motivated to shop if the price is right. Statistics from key network partners have shown upwards of 90% of our user base do not interact with other affiliates and therefore use Piggy and only Piggy to absorb this content. We ensure we are only sharing content that the advertisers have signed off and provided via the affiliate channel, so no concern around social content or UGC.

Tell us more about your audience and what types of advertisers do you work best with?

As mentioned before, we have millions of members globally and a reach of over half a million already here in the UK. Our demographic is slightly more female (60/40) with our core age range being from 21 to 45.

Our user base is rather varied in terms of their interests, their social demographics, etc and this is because our product appeals to anyone who shops online and likes to get a good deal (arguably 98% of the market). As such, we have experience working with nearly every vertical you could imagine. That being said, in the UK so far, we have seen really strong results in the Fashion, FMCG,  Travel/Experience and Gifting verticals.

What makes Piggy an exciting company?

Piggy is a fast paced, global business that to this day still has the input and guidance of it’s initial founders. Our partnership team are spread across Europe, the United States and Australia and everyone works remotely!

Our team brings with them a huge fountain of knowledge with most of our partnership representatives having previously worked at Affiliate Networks. We really know what it takes to make an affiliate partnership tick.


Any exciting plans coming up in the next 12 months?

In the next 12 months we will certainly be looking to continue our growth in our key markets, as well as putting together research to decide the next best regions to deploy in. We also have an ever evolving product roadmap which means we are never far away from releasing something new for our partners to get involved in. Watch this space!


Where do you think is the Affiliate space heading to in the next year and what are the main market disruptions?

In my opinion, the Affiliate channel is going to continue growing from strength to strength globally. Every year it becomes more and more intertwined with the rest of the Digital marketing mix and I cannot see that trend slowing down. As such, de-duplication and cross channel attribution is going to play a more and more pivotal role as years pass. I think advertisers need to really take a long hard look at how they are balancing their budgets but at the same time, do not lose focus on how partners should be rewarded.


What is the most exciting time of year for you as a business?

As a consumer facing proposition that has such a wide ranging audience, it is hard to pick out a specific time of year that is the single most important. Of course Cyber Week and the Christmas holiday period is going to remain a large portion of revenue opportunity but we are seeing strong growth in every Quarter through different key verticals, relationships and marketing campaigns.


Is there anything else you’d like our advertisers to know?

We would like Advertisers to know that although we are here for our users and want to make sure they find the most possible value of our being a Piggy member, we are still very much in the business of being a top affiliate partner for their program. Let’s have that discussion around what we can do to get the most out of our ever growing reach and make 2020 the biggest year for the business yet.


What is one fun fact about Piggy?

Our Partnerships team are truly animal lovers, with everyone owning at least one pet. Helping to keep everyone motivated in their remote working environments!


If you’d like to work with Piggy get in touch with today.

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