Singles Day becomes more successful

For several years now the shopping event “Singles Day” has taken place on the 11th of November. Every year Singles Day becomes more popular and more e-commerce retailers use this day to increase their sales.

The development in recent years

The numbers of the Tradedoubler network show the rapid and positive development of Singles Day. Even more growth and use of the shopping event can be expected in the future.

Sales and Order Value

Looking at the Sales and Order Values of the Tradedoubler countries, it is noticeable that the growth in 2020 was even stronger than in 2019. This although, there was already a clear increase in the year before.

Most successful Sectors 2020

Looking at the sectors “Shopping & Retail” has the highest sales. Followed by “Gaming“, “Fashion” and “Computers & Electronics“.

In 2020 the sectors have changed a little bit. As you can see in the chart, the industries “Fashion” and “Computers & Electronics” are growing extremely strong with over 100 % growth in sales. In the years before the development was more in “Gaming”.

The best Verticals

The three best verticals are “Cashback/Loyalty“, “Coupon/ Discount-codes/-deals” and “Vertical site“. These Affiliate Marketing types also show a strong annual growth rate.

Use of smartphones

On smartphones, there is growth from year to year. Sales with smartphones have increased by 65% compared to the previous year.

Singles Day Sales compared to the daily average of the last 14 days

Do sales increase on Singles Day? This question can be clearly answered with YES. Some Tradedoubler countries don`t yet use Singles Day as much, but there is still a clear increase compared to the other days.

The chart shows very clearly which countries in Europe make more use of Singles Day and which countries should decide to use this shopping event more.

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