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Save, Have Fun and Get Smart – That’s what Super Payments is doing. It is designed to provide a painless and efficient way to spend wisely, save money and travel better through cashback, discounts, coupons, and other money-saving programs. We have interviewed Samir Desai CBE, CEO and Founder of Super Payments to give you more fantastic insights about this Publisher.

super payments


Can you briefly introduce yourself and tell us about your role at Super App?

My name is Samir Desai CBE, I am CEO and founder of Super Payments.

Can you introduce Super App? What’s the story and the business value behind it?

Super is a payments and shopping platform. We raised £22.5 million earlier this year to launch and grow the business, and we went live in Q3, 2022.

Super operates in two ways: unlike other payment solution providers that charge between 1-5% for every transaction they process, Super provides free payment processing for businesses and enables them to showcase their services and drive incremental traffic into our Super shopping app.

For consumers, the Super shopping app enables you to shop your favourite brands, big and small, and earn next day cashback. We only launched a few weeks ago and already have over 10,000 users and nearly 300 advertisers live on our app. We’re seeing huge month-on-month growth with intentions to increase the cashback and rewards market through our unique B2B & B2C business model. We have big ambitions for the business over the next 12 months and want merchants to join us on this journey.

What is your best-selling product, and why do you think it is? Tell us more about your audience and what types of advertisers you work best with.

We’re seeing a great response from customers across all sectors at the moment. In particular, health and beauty, grocery, and tech & electronics are proving to be very popular, along with traditional Christmas gift ideas given the time of year.


Do advertisers need anything specific to work with you?

No, we’re hopefully very easy to work with and can onboard advertisers quickly and work closely with partners. We have a test and learn mentality and want to form close relationships with partners to help drive cost effective incremental volume.

What are the main advantages for an advertiser working with Super App?

We’re at the start of a very exciting journey at Super. We have big ambitions throughout 2023 to rapidly scale our customer base and deliver an industry leading experience for consumers. We see advertising partners as central to this success and will work closely with key partners to deliver initiatives that add real value. Mobile generates c.62% of website traffic and, as a mobile first company, we have the ability to drive higher levels of engagement amongst users and deliver incremental value to all merchants.


What makes Super an exciting company? How is your company different than a traditional cashback/discount/coupon partner?

Super is the first business to combine a shopping and discovery rewards app for consumers with a free payments solution for ecommerce merchants. As a platform we bring these two sides of the businesses together, so users who pay with Super also download the app to benefit from saving money each time they shop. This feeds into our goal of building Super into the cheapest place to shop online for consumers.

As we add more merchants to our payments network and gain more users who pay with Super we can then personalise the experience to customers in our Super app based on their shopping habits. This also means we provide advertisers with more targeted advertising to customers.


Any exciting plans for 2023?

We want to accelerate our growth and rapidly build the number of advertisers and consumers on the platform. We’re also working closely on improving how customers can find the best deals they are looking for as well as providing a personalised experience for every user who uses the app.

Samir Desai CBE - super payments

Samir Desai CBE, CEO and Founder of Super Payments

A big thank you goes to Samir for this very informative interview.

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