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Are you an advertiser, and do you have excellent offers? Then you should work with the online deal page Outspot! Read our interview with Morgane Van Den Heede, Digital Marketeer, and learn more about our internationally active partner.

Morgane Van Den Heede
Morgane Van Den Heede, Digital Marketeer at Outspot


Can you introduce Outspot? What’s the story?

Outspot is a dynamic and innovative flash deal website with a proven track record, having served customers for over 15 years. We offer a wide range of exciting products and travel packages at exceptional discounts. Our platform is designed to provide customers with unbeatable deals across various categories making it a trusted one-stop destination for savvy shoppers looking to save big on their favourite items and travel experiences. The deals on our platform are time-sensitive, giving our users a thrilling 7-day window to decide on making a purchase. Operating in more than 12 countries, we are on a mission to become the largest flash deal website in Europe.

What is the most exciting time of year for you as a business, and how do you handle it?

As most retailers will agree, the months of November and December are the most exciting times of the year, with Black Friday in November and the holiday season in December. For us, this excitement is heightened, especially given our reputation for offering high discounts. During these periods, we become particularly captivating to shoppers seeking exceptional savings.

In addition to the busier periods like November and December, we experience a steady level of activity throughout the year. This consistency is largely due to our diverse range of product categories. While each category may have its own seasonal fluctuations, the broad selection ensures that we have appealing items for consumers to explore or benefit from in every season and month.

This versatility allows us to cater to the evolving needs and preferences of our customer base year-round. By offering a variety of products that align with different seasons and occasions, we aim to remain a valuable resource for shoppers no matter when they visit our platform. It’s a strategic approach that helps us maintain a stable and engaged customer base throughout the entire year.

Do publishers need anything specific to work with Outspot?

For publishers interested in collaborating with Outspot, it’s important to understand the unique aspects of our platform. We primarily cater to a somewhat mature audience and tailoring content to resonate with this demographic can be highly beneficial for successful partnerships.

Furthermore, our business model is cantered around rapidly changing flash deals, each with a brief 7-day validity period. That necessitates the publishers to be agile and responsive, capable of swiftly adapting to the dynamic nature of our offerings. It’s worth noting that such short deal durations can sometimes pose challenges for advertising channels that require more time and data to optimize campaigns effectively.

To address this concern, we offer a vast selection of permanent deals, encompassing approximately 1300 products. These permanent deals are available for a more extended period and remain online until the stock is depleted. This flexibility allows advertisers to choose between time-specific deals, which are valid for 7 days and can create a sense of urgency in marketing campaigns, or opt for deals with a longer shelf life, providing stability for ongoing advertising efforts.

In summary, collaborating with Outspot offers publishers the opportunity to engage their audience with a broad spectrum of deals in all categories. Whether it’s promoting time-sensitive flash deals or leveraging our extensive collection of permanent deals, advertisers can tailor their strategies to suit their specific objectives and target audience preferences.

What kinds of products and deals resonate with your audience?

Our target audience mainly consists of people aged 50 and above. During springtime, our customers love to purchase all sorts of gardening equipment. That can range from plants to lounge set garden lighting, and more. The different types of clothing we offer (sweaters, T-shirts, sweatpants, jeans, etc.) also perform very well.

In addition to gardening and fashion, our platform offers an extensive array of categories, including kitchen, electronics, home decor, gadgets, and home and living products. The concept of “price-quality” consistently resonates with our audience, which is mainly 50 years and older. They value strong discounts without compromising product quality. Whether it’s a discounted kitchen appliance, a high-quality electronic device, stylish home decor, or innovative gadgets, our customers appreciate the opportunity to acquire premium products at compelling prices. This commitment to value is a key factor in our success in meeting our audience’s preferences and expectations.


What are the advantages when a publisher enters a partnership with Outspot?

Extensive Product Range: We offer a diverse and extensive product selection across various categories, making it suitable for a wide range of websites and content niches.

Attractive Pricing and High Discounts: Our platform is highly appealing to customers due to our competitive prices and consistently high discounts. That makes promoting our deals an enticing proposition for publishers.

Flash Deals and Stock Deals: Publishers benefit from both, our time-limited flash deals (valid for 7 days) and our stock deals, which continue until the stock is depleted. This versatility allows publishers to choose deals that align with their content and audience.

Large Product Feed: We provide publishers with access to a product feed containing approximately 1,500 products, enabling them to select and promote items that best resonate with their audience.

International Reach: With our presence in 12 European countries, publishers can expand their reach beyond borders. That facilitates the ease of entering new markets and reaching a broader audience.

Additional Benefits: Beyond these advantages, publishers may benefit from our established brand reputation, strong customer base, and the opportunity to capitalize on the impulse buying behavior associated with flash deals.

What makes Outspot an exciting company?

One thing that makes Outspot an exciting company is the element of surprise that we offer our customers. With approximately 30 deals covering a wide range of products such as electronics, fashion, beauty items, gardening supplies, travel packages, and more, every visit to our platform is an adventure. You never quite know which incredible deal will come next, creating a sense of anticipation and curiosity that keeps our customers engaged.

We take pride in the thrill of discovery that our platform offers. Our time-sensitive deals, where you have just seven days to decide, create a ‘Fear of Missing Out’ (FOMO) effect that keeps our customers eagerly awaiting our latest offerings. This combination of surprise, great discounts, and the assurance of the best prices and quality sets us apart and makes Outspot a captivating destination for savvy shoppers who love the excitement of the unknown.


Do you have any exciting plans coming up this year?

One of the major highlights is the launch of our revamped website. We’ve been actively promoting our Outspot app, and the positive response has encouraged us to bring some of that app’s sleek and user-friendly design to our website. You can expect exciting updates to the website that will enhance the shopping experience and make it even more enjoyable.

Additionally, our product and travel teams continue to expand, which is fantastic news for our customers. This growth means we’ll be introducing even more new categories and products to our platform. So, whether you’re a fan of our current offerings or eager to explore fresh, exciting deals, you’ll have plenty to look forward to as we roll out these enhancements throughout the year.

What trends do you currently see in affiliate marketing and e-commerce in general?

One of the major trends we’re witnessing is the democratization of AI, making advanced technology accessible to a broader audience. As a company that has embraced AI in our operations, we wholeheartedly appreciate this shift. We eagerly look forward to expanding our own AI capabilities in the future. Our goal is to use AI to personalize deals and platforms to the greatest extent possible. That means tailoring recommendations and experiences to the unique preferences and needs of each user, enhancing the overall shopping experience, and delivering even greater value.

A big thank you to Morgane for this very informative interview!

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