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Our partnership with FlexOffers allows you additional opportunities. Find out more information about our fantastic partner in our interview with Louise Lanorias, Account Director at FlexOffers.

Louise Lanorias, FlexOffers
Louise Lanorias, Account Director at FlexOffers


Can you briefly introduce yourself and tell us what you mainly have to do at FlexOffers?

Hello, I am Louise, Account Director at FlexOffers. I have been with the business for almost nine years – time flies!

I look after advertiser accounts at FlexOffers and help ensure our brands are promoted to our (vast!) publisher network. My role is all about being a strategic partner to the brands I manage, ensuring that our Advertiser’s goals come alive with our network to grow new user acquisition profitably and sustainably.

We have a global publisher base, and it’s fair to say our publisher network is as diverse as some of the advertisers we work with.

Can you introduce FlexOffers? What’s the story and the business value?

FlexOffers has deep roots in the affiliate space, as we’ve served clients for over 15 years. FlexOffers is a premium partner network that provides custom solutions that forge long-lasting relationships. We tap into performance marketing while thinking beyond affiliate with the largest brands in the world. With over 10,000 advertisers and 65 networks and agencies while partnering with over 75,000 affiliates. FlexOffers acts as an extension of the brands we work with. We strengthen partnerships under the affiliate umbrella and recruit new revenue partners on your behalf. We are a network of networks that serves as a one-stop shop for those who value convenience and service. Our motto is Partnerships at Scale, Simplified.

What do you look for in an advertiser to work with you?

This is a great question. We look for engaged, transparent, responsive merchants open to testing. Testing rate increases, marketing strategies, and willingness to work closely with us to build a strong partnership. We also look for Advertisers with an available line of communication to evaluate and adjust based on results. Advertisers who provide a clear and attractive commission structure to motivate our partners to produce at a high level. We like to work with Advertisers who are keen to partner and have an open and deliberate approach to growing new customer acquisitions through the affiliate channel.


What are the benefits of working with FlexOffers?

We have numerous publishers within our platform, within multiple verticals and regions, so the opportunities to work with us are wide-ranging.

If a company is looking for more upper-funnel traffic, we can cater to that. If they only want to work with content affiliates, we have thousands of publishers ready to introduce them to. It’s all about discussing with partners, seeing their objectives, and matching them up with the right partners to help them grow their respective businesses correctly.

What makes FlexOffers an exciting company?

Just like the affiliate industry, we’re constantly evolving. As Account Managers, we must stay in tune with trends in the industry, as we work with a broad range of publishers doing innovative things, so this keeps life within the business fresh and exciting. I love working with people, and with relationships being at the core of what we do, that’s also something I value about our business and my role within it. We’re flexible within our approach to working with Advertisers based on their goals, and it’s working alongside a strong team of industry experts who are also keen to uncover new, non-traditional, out-of-the-box opportunities for our partners that make working here so much fun.


What are the benefits for FlexOffers of partnering with Tradedoubler?

By way of our publisher benefits, FlexOffers has simplified affiliate marketing. Our network provides publishers access to thousands of brands across the affiliate space to manage their performance-based partners under one roof. We provide the tools and strategy required to generate new partnerships and to optimize fully. We are excited about our new partnership with Tradedoubler and to introduce our publishers to an entirely new group of brands and offers.

From the Advertiser side of the business, FlexOffers provides new publisher life, a new revenue stream, transparency, experience, and strategy. Our people are amazing. We leverage our deep publisher relationships and expertise to help advertisers get the most out of their collaboration with FlexOffers. We are an extension of your affiliate team. Adding new partnerships, expanding existing relationships, and uncovering incremental media opportunities via securing and negotiating increased placements on our publisher sites. Helping you grow your affiliate business and better monetize your brand/promotions. We fully understand the affiliate space has evolved and provide our partners with robust reporting and insights. With a compliance team dedicated to transparency and quality, we can enhance your current strategy and offer you new ideas to increase your revenue goals. The affiliate space is built on relationships, and we work hard to establish and grow with advertisers we partner with.

Why did you decide on a partnership with the Tradedoubler network, and what do you enjoy the most?

We are amazed at the quality, diverse brands, and offers Tradedoubler works with. The team at Tradedoubler is also top-notch. FlexOffers having team leads in London makes collaborating with managers and brands in person easy. The Tradedoubler platform is also streamlined and provides a great user experience.


Do you have any exciting plans coming up in 2024?

We are excited to announce that we will soon open our new platform to all our partners. We have listened to our base and incorporated their valuable insights into every aspect of this new platform. It will revolutionize publisher engagement with brands and our products and services. With improved performance, mobile responsiveness, detailed report features, robust security, and streamlined user experience, to name a few enhancements. We have added new support roles and have increased our sales team to ensure we continue to bring Tradedoubler and the brands working with Tradedoubler new, exciting, profitable partnerships. We are, of course, very excited to work closely with Tradedoubler in 2024. As well as reoccurring meetings with team members and showcasing our partners with Tradedoubler team members.

Where do you think is the Affiliate space heading in the next year, and what are the main market disruptions?

The affiliate industry is constantly evolving, and the landscape continues to change. However, I can speak to a handful of areas I consistently discuss with networks.

Content: Affiliates are adopting a content-driven strategy, creating quality content that converts clicks to actions. This approach may disrupt traditional banner ads and direct linking methods. Content comes in many forms, and here at FlexOffers, we establish partnerships with Media Buyers via social, display, native on a variety of websites, agencies, news corporations, and media sites. Programmatic/contextual ads are also an essential vertical to review. We see great success here.

Amazon: They are still disrupting the retail industry by offering a massive selection of products and, in many cases, at a lower cost to consumers, as well as their easy checkout process. It is important to offer consumers options. Allow the consumers to make decisions while being competitive with payouts and consumer discounts.

Influencer Marketing: Affiliate and influencer marketing are showing signs that they can live under the affiliate umbrella. Not in the typical sense that a true CPA is applied, but more of a hybrid. Many influencers are now becoming affiliates, promoting products, and earning commissions while seeing a flat payout based on metrics. This trend will likely continue and evolve in the coming years.

Automation/AI Learning: Affiliates use AI and machine learning to optimize campaigns via personalized recommendations and audience segmentation. They are becoming more efficient and effective.

Transparency: Consumers are demanding it, as are advertisers and networks. Any affiliate needs to work very closely with compliance teams overseeing advertiser programs. I’m thrilled to point out that FlexOffers works hand in hand with the compliance team at Tradedoubler. We understand the importance of being transparent and to build trust with the brands we work with.

Testing: At FlexOffers, we firmly believe in testing partnerships. Evaluating traffic sources and indeed planting the seed to see success. Communicate often to discuss what is working and what is not working.

A big thank you to Louise Lanorias for this very informative Interview about FlexOffers!

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