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London: 5th December 2022 – Rightlander has announced a partnership with Tradedoubler to help us improve our affiliate compliance and boost responsible gambling measures.

Rightlander is best known for providing affiliate marketing networks with the tools to help them stay compliant, including Screen, which automates the screening of partner content before they are approved to an affiliate program, reducing the risk of brand damage and low-quality traffic.

Under the terms of the partnership, Rightlander will discover and monitor content across our partner sites, social media, PPC ads, email, video streaming and instant messages to ensure that all offers are both accurate and compliant, following regulatory requirements.

Additionally, they will monitor live offers for accurate product descriptions and pricing, ensuring that affiliate partners follow our brand guidelines.

James Maley

Tradedoubler is pleased to become a client of Rightlander, as we look forward to establishing a fruitful relationship as our commitment to strong network quality grows.” – James Maley, Director International, Publisher & Network at Tradedoubler

Ian Sims - Rightlander

“We’re obviously delighted to have such an established and prestigious name in affiliate marketing on board as a client. Rightlander has put a good deal of focus in 2022 on creating compliance tools to help networks and marketplaces provide content compliance for their merchants and clients, a process which has caused particular concerns in regulated markets. Discovering new publisher content, monitoring it regularly for compliant copy, and our new Screen product for evaluating affiliate content is at the core of our network proposition and endorsements such as this are very rewarding.” – Ian Sims, Founder of

Rightlander Screen uses on-demand crawling technology to check affiliate sites for red flag markers and to check that new content does not present a regulatory risk or represent a negative brand sentiment. Crawlers deep dive into affiliate sites and can detect profanities, unmoderated content, references to hate speech, pornography, extremism and violence, mentions of controlled substances or prescription drugs and similar red flags, offering a quick analysis and helping networks decide if the affiliate is suitable and safe to work with. Crawlers can also be customised to filter the “red flag” terms and provide insight into the site’s content, thus helping them to better assess suitability.


About Rightlander

Rightlander is a state-of-the-art advertising and affiliate compliance platform that allows advertisers and networks to identify potentially non-compliant content across different territories. It does this by scanning affiliate content from within the target market, looking for events or conditions defined by clients and regulators, and sending alerts when it finds content that meets those conditions.

Launched in January 2018, the product has expanded rapidly into multiple territories around the world and is used by many high-profile advertisers, affiliate networks and regulators to help them keep on top of their affiliate compliance responsibilities.

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