Motivate your publishers with… Incentives

In the previous weeks we have written about how you can motivate your publishers with commissions and an affiliate day, but you can also do this with setting up incentives.

Incentives can take many different forms, we’ll inform you about some of them but these are not the only ones; you can be as creative as you want with setting this up!

Competition for publishers

This would work especially well with content publishers and bloggers, because they (usually) are able to be more creative in their promotions. You can set up a competition where the publisher who promotes your web shop in the most fun, innovative and/or original way wins one of your products or a fixed fee.

You do need to think about if you want to give the publishers one of your products (to review) or not. If you have very expensive products, you can also decide to give away one or two of these products as the prize.

Important is that you discuss this with multiple publishers before setting it up, to make sure that they’re interested and want to participate.

Give away for consumers

A lot of publishers, including voucher code sites and cashbackers, can set up a giveaway for their members. This means that you provide one (or multiple) of your products that they can give away to consumers. They usually provide quite a lot of exposure to your brand during a few weeks. It’s a bit more branding orientated but it is very good for the relationship with the participating publishers. Plus some publishers have the option to retarget the interested consumers who didn’t win. You can provide them with a voucher code to improve the conversion rate of that bit of retargeting.

If you only have products that are very expensive (like travel advertisers), then you could give away a voucher with an amount on it that the consumer can spend on your web shop.

Give away for publishers

Online is a hot topic at the moment, with many new publishers and start-up companies. These publishers might already have a decent amount of traffic but could grow even bigger if they had the best materials. If you have a web shop that sells products useful for these (starting) publishers, you might be able to win yourself a very loyal publisher. Try to understand what it is that might make them grow exponentially and see how you can help there! In exchange they can provide your web shop with long term exposure without any extra fees.

Does any of these options sound interesting to you? Talk to your account manager about it!

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