Talking with Matthias Stadelmeyer, CEO at Tradedoubler and one of the most long-standing employees in Germany


Matthias, you are with Tradedoubler for more than 12 years now and have had a fantastic career at the company. In Germany you are the second most-longstanding employee and have gone through very different times.


Matthias Stadelmeyer


When did you start at Tradedoubler and what was your initial role?

I started in July 2007 in the Munich office as an Account Manager for TD Toolbox, which today is our technology offering, our private network. I was responsible for this product and around 30 clients in Germany.


How would you describe Tradedoubler at the time when you started? How different was life in the company compared to today?

When I started, it was a mixture of settled company and start-up. The company was very agile, quickly went through changes of processes and people, very international with a lot of energy and drive. A company finding its way. Then it became very corporate for a while.

Today we have a good mixture of settled company and start-up feeling again together with the drive and energy we had at the beginning.


What was your funniest moment at Tradedoubler?

There are dozens of funny and fond memories involving many, many people over the years. We had great events and experiences together, for example the “Tradedoubler 2+” Charity Challenge, where Tradedoubler launched a company-wide sporting challenge that involved all our five core values: collaborative, analytical, optimistic, determined, daring. All money raised went to charity and some people became very dirty. 😉


Matthias Stadelmeyer


What was your most exciting experience at Tradedoubler?

I moved to London and lived there with my family between 2011 and 2013, working for Tradedoubler in an international role as Vice President Technology. That was a very enriching experience.


You are working with Tradedoubler for so many years now, what do you like most about the company?

There are dozens of funny and fond memories involving many, many people from a lot of different countries over the years. I think this is what makes this company special. The people and all these experiences we share together.


Matthias Stadelmeyer


Thanks a lot for the interview, Matthias!

Matthias Stadelmeyer is CEO at Tradedoubler since April 2014.

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