The importance of partnering with a real global network


Artur Michalak, Client Development Director, is managing some of Tradedoubler’s biggest global brands and has worked in three different Tradedoubler European offices. We met with him to discuss the importance for international brands of having a real global player as their business partner.


What is your professional background, working in different Tradedoubler offices throughout Europe?

I started my journey with Tradedoubler Poland in May 2012, as a Client Development Director, taking care of key Polish Tradedoubler clients, as well as a team of 6 people.

Because I was always keen on getting digital marketing experience in other countries outside of Poland, I took the opportunity to move to Sweden, working as a Client Development Director in the Stockholm office, taking care of clients from all four Nordic markets.

Recently I had the pleasure of becoming part of the German Tradedoubler team, and since June 2018 I have been working as the International Team Coordinator.


You know our international business very well now. Where do Tradedoubler’s global clients especially benefit?

The crucial thing for international clients is the global approach. Our Tradedoubler infrastructure is specifically designed to allow these clients to grow their business with us wherever they want, always finding support and expertise provided by multiple or single points of contacts, depending on their need. Tradedoubler offers world class technology solutions with convenient integrated global payment options and consolidated multi-currency invoicing, which is a must when working on a global scale.

Finally, the above mentioned support provided by dedicated, experienced people is the undisputable benefit  and enables our business partners to focus on their development.


Why is this especially important today?

In the world of fast-paced digital development I can’t imagine doing business without having a partner with international footprint, trustworthy technology or dedicated and daring client development teams to support business strategy execution on an everyday basis.

That’s how everything works here at Tradedoubler, and after many years of working for Tradedoubler in 3 different counties now, I’m convinced that our account management colleagues think the same way everywhere.


Can you name some of the international clients you are working with?

I have the great pleasure to work with some finance industry clients, including e.g. Santander Consumer Bank and those business relations last for many years now. During the time spent in the offices in Sweden and Germany, I was working with big brands like Avis Budget Group, Microsoft, HP and Groupon.


How can employees benefit from Tradedoubler being a global company?

The best thing about working in an international company like Tradedoubler is the opportunity to develop. After more than 6 years, I still have the feeling I learn a lot and the possibility to work abroad in an international environment with multi-cultural teams is one of the key factors for this. You gain a broader view, achieve better knowledge,  build new relationships and get more open-minded. All this stays with us for a long time if not forever.


If you want to find out how Tradedoubler can help you grow your international business, please get in touch

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