The benefits of a private network in 2024

Do you want to manage your affiliate program by yourself with the technology of a leading affiliate network in 2024? Tradedoubler PVN is a private network equipped with helpful tools and technologies to expand your business in 2024.

With a private network, you can efficiently manage your key partners in-house while saving costs and time for running multiple affiliate programs. You can establish close relationships with your partners, connect with your top partners, and expand your business.

The differences between a private network and a public affiliate network

In a common affiliate program, the affiliate network takes care of all the tasks required to run multiple successful affiliate programs, advertisers & publishers. At Tradedoubler PVN, we provide you with all the necessary information, technology, and tools to create successful affiliate campaigns.

Tradedouler PVN enables you to manage your own affiliate campaigns, commissions, and partners. You can also give your partners access to your branded interface, which can be cutomised with the corporate identity of your company, branded domain and use your KPIs.

Additionally, to save cost and time, you will benefit from our leading affiliate network with advanced technology and infrastructure:

Real-time reporting will allow you to measure and optimise your return on investment (ROI) for each partner.

Payments can be made in the currency of your choice and exchange rate risks are minimised.

• Our dedicated local support teams are proactive and able to leverage their experience to advise various types of clients.

Automatic and unlimited publisher subscription with tailored access rights enables you to connect with more partners and grow your business.

The main advantages of a private network

The most important advantages of Tradedoubler PVN:

Cost saving: No platform commission means you keep more margin or can reinvest into higher publisher commission. That adds real value and enables you to connect with more attractive publishers.

Automatic lead/sales deduplication: Make sure you just pay once for a sale/lead.

Branding: Customise Tradedoubler PVN with your company’s corporate identity.

Advanced and robust technology: You leverage a market-leading technology platform.

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