Advertiser Spotlight: GameStop


Can you briefly introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Angelo Di Giorgio and I am the Digital Manager of GameStop Italia. I have been working at GameStop for about 10 years and with my team, we take care of the management and development of the e-commerce, social media and all the digital marketing. Personally, I also deal with the distribution of virtual gift cards both online and in large-scale distribution.


Can you introduce Gamestop and its core business value?

GameStop is the world’s most important video game dealer with over 5,000 stores in the world and about 300 in Italy. GameStop satisfies the videogamers needs with software, consoles and accessories. In addition, the stores offer a huge selection of apparel, miniatures, board games, trading cards, gadgets and lots of items for enthusiasts. GameStop offers its customers the opportunity to choose between new articles and pre-owned articles, cheaper and certified.


What do you most enjoy about performance marketing?

Surely dynamism is one of the most interesting and effective things, but the possibility of experimenting, day by day, with new tools and new partners is the thing that I find most stimulating of all.

Every single publisher comes with different characteristics, different touchpoints to intercept customers and different communication channels. All this allows you to evaluate and interpret the different types of commercial and marketing actions, used by the various players in the sector. The affiliate program has become, in effect, an important slice of our best performing referrals.


What is a benefit Tradedoubler offers Gamestop to grow the business?

Tradedoubler has allowed us, through its platform, to be able to work every day with many publishers, of every category and with different business models.

Tradedoubler constantly offers us new opportunities and initiatives to push and improve our performance. Retargeting, Influencer Marketing, or Rewards –  to just name a few of the opportunities presented over the years to increase and improve all the KPIs of the program.


Thank you, Angelo, for the interview!

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