15 years with Joanna Łukasik

In 2008, Joanna Łukasik started her career at Tradedoubler Poland. Since then, the company has changed and developed a lot during the last 15 years. That is one of the reasons why Joanna has been working for Tradedoubler for so long now.

Joanna Lukasik

Joanna Łukasik, Senior Client Development Manager at Tradedoubler Poland


Can you briefly introduce yourself?

In my private life, I am married and a mother to Julia and Tomek, who are now 13 and 6 years old. The fact that I have become a mother has also influenced the changes at Tradedoubler Poland, but more about that later. In my free time, I like to do something outdoors, for example, cycling, skiing, and swimming with my family.

I am a Partner Diplomat – The first moment I focus on relationships. I try to understand other people’s behavior. I can find a compromise between people’s needs and tasks to be accomplished.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself that the team doesn’t know.

As you know, the Tradedoubler office in Poland works six hours a day – But you probably may not know that the birth of my daughter Julia contributed to this change. After returning from my maternity leave, I asked our Country Manager, Łukasz Szymula for permission to work 7 hours a day for a while, to better combine work and childcare. That inspired Łukasz to change working hours throughout the organisation.

Part at Tradedoubler

Can you tell us a bit more about your path within the company?

I started my career at Tradedoubler as an Office Manager. At that time, there were only 12 people working in the Polish office, today there are more than 60. Later, I moved to the Campaign Department and was responsible for short-term campaigns and cooperation with agencies. When the opportunity arose to move to the direct client cooperation department, I decided to do so and joined the department headed by Izabela Powierża.

Our team currently consists of 8 awesome people, and we provide services to the largest direct customers of Tradedoubler Poland from the electronics, fashion, and marketplace industries.

What do you like the most about your job and how would you describe your working environment?

Tradedoubler is a great place to work, and this is confirmed by the certificate!

Firstly, the most important resources of this company are people and relationships based on trust and openness. I can openly express my views and ideas, which makes me feel like an important part of the organisation and the team. We can expand our knowledge in numerous trainings and workshops.

I value working with a team of experienced professionals and collaborating with well-known brands in Poland and worldwide. A very important part of our work, especially now, when we mostly work remotely, is team-building meetings after work and team activities.


What was the main reason for joining Tradedoubler?

When I started my career at Tradedoubler as an Office Manager, I was still in college and wanted to try something new after a year in the legal department of a global corporation. I haven’t heard about affiliate marketing before joining Tradedoubler.

In what ways has Tradedoubler changed since you started?

Tradedoubler Poland has changed a lot, from a very small local office to a big organisation, the Polish market has developed amazingly, and our clients have grown fast. New people are hired all the time, and we reach our goals and develop new solutions. It’s really an inspiring working environment where we can share knowledge and ideas. It is also great that we can share our experiences and best practices with other Tradedoubler offices around the world.


Where do you see the industry going?

I think that apart from currently strong publisher categories, there will be a growing role of influencer marketing in affiliate activities, and cooperation with micro-influencers in performance-based models may become an important source of new users for our partners. Mobile apps will play a significant role, so in-app tracking will be a must to monitor the effectiveness of affiliate activities. Identifying users between different devices and cross-device tracking will become increasingly important to attribute sales to the appropriate publishers. The potential of AI opens many new opportunities to effectively support our customer’s activities.

A big thank you, Joanna, for this great Interview and your fantastic job over the last 15 years. We look forward to more years with you at Tradedoubler!

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