Know-How Guide #3: Performance Influencer


Know-How Guide

Get yourself the Tradedoubler Performance Boost! In the third issue of our Know-How Guide, we are going to give a brief introduction on the topic of Performance Influencer.


Performance Influencer

Word of mouth is still one of the most effective “marketing channels”, even if you cannot directly book or influence it. Unless you take advantage of the popularity of influencers, bloggers, vloggers, and celebrities. Through targeted product placement or advertorials, these new publisher models can generate fresh customers for shops and introduce new products to the market.
If the product is combined with an accompanying sales promotion or voucher, this channel not only provides branding, but also sales. The classic campaign is run with a combined fixed budget or a barter deal in which the content creator is sent products of a brand for testing. The influencer may keep them afterward. In return, the influencer writes a positive article about the product. The brand and the product benefits not only from the influencer’s popularity but also from the trust that users place in their favourite influencer.

In addition to this classic type of Influencer campaign, there is also the possibility of mapping performance-based campaigns on a CPC basis via our partner Metapic. The range of products of a store in Metapic’s network is provided by product data. The content creator can then arrange the fitting products into collages or tag those in photos and graphics. On the one hand, this offers the advantage that a wide range of influencers has permanent access to matching products on any topic at any time. But more importantly, the influencer’s motivation to choose the respective products is intrinsically motivated, which guarantees authenticity.





As with Performance Display, each partner model has its own optimization algorithms and theme competencies. Therefore, it is also advisable to test several partners or to run them in parallel.




Metapic, a Tradedoubler company, is a product platform connecting digital creatives, blog readers, and e-commerce. The idea is to make affiliate marketing more accessible, visual, and fair. The popular platform for product recommendations is helping advertisers and digital creatives within premium lifestyle media to grow through the reader’s engaging content.

  • Wide range of categories from electronics to furniture, food, beauty, sports, and services
  • Partnership with over 22,000 shops
  • More than 2 million products


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