The Performance Group

For the very first time, we attended OMR 2023 not just as Tradedoubler, but instead we presented ourselves as The Performance Group by Tradedoubler.

Weren’t you at the OMR? No problem! We’ll show you all about The Performance Group and why we can offer you more holistic omnichannel marketing solutions than ever before to meet the changing requirements in eCommerce and support your customers along their entire customer journey!

Why “The Performance Group”?

In recent years, online business has changed a lot: Competitive pressure is getting stronger, customers need more time for their purchase decision, customer journeys are becoming more complex, and the values, as well as the buying behaviour of Generation Z becoming a central focus. This is why we believe it is more important than ever to offer our partners a holistic omnichannel marketing strategy. That covers all areas of the marketing funnel, from awareness through interest and desire to action.

That’s why we have been constantly expanding our performance-based marketing solutions portfolio for several years. We rely on internal solutions, but also on numerous (exclusive) external partners – in this way, Tradedoubler becomes the central point for smart and holistic performance marketing solutions. With „The Performance Group“ we refer to our performance marketing power with a focus on omnichannel marketing.

Performance Group

Our top 3 growth areas

With our Performance Group, we not only offer classic performance marketing solutions, but we also focus on the three growth areas of Customer Acquisition, Content to Commerce, and User-Generated Content.

Customer Acquisition

No customers, no sales – That’s exactly what’s behind the growth area of customer acquisition. Together with our partners LeadsLab and Appiness, as well as our own Email by TD service, we offer you smart solutions for your lead generation, app marketing, and email marketing campaigns.

Content to Commerce

Consumers no longer want to be pushed into making quick purchase decisions – They want to take their time to inform themselves and be inspired or entertained by content before they decide to make a purchase. With targeted Content to Commerce campaigns, a special user experience can be created that does justice to these changes in buying behaviour. For this purpose, we work together with partners such as,,,, and many more within the framework of the Performance Group.

User-Generated Content

Generation Z ( as well as keeping in mind other generations) now begins its customer journey on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, or other social media platforms. Anyone who thinks that a few meta-ads are enough to appeal to the young target group is wrong. Content created by brands is often perceived as inauthentic and therefore doesn’t lead to a purchase. That’s why we work with the influencer platform metapic, the live video shopping platform Onbaz and the social commerce suite zezam to give our customers the opportunity to have their brand advertised as authentically and efficiently as possible by content creators who know their community very well.

Do you want to learn more about our three growth areas? Then get in touch with our experts now >>

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