High fives all around

This is what our CEO, Matthias Stadelmeyer, imparts to three Tradedoublers who have been appointed to new and pivotal roles within the company.

So, let’s reveal the exciting organizational changes which have taken place at Tradedoubler.
First out the blocks of this trifecta of new roles are that our current UK General Manager, Derek Grant, is taking on further responsibilities as VP of Operations.
Derek has been with TD since 2019 and has a plethora of experience in driving growth initiatives for our UK based advertisers. He will be leaning on this experience to spearhead the establishment of strategies aimed at consolidating operational excellence, client management, and sales operations from an international perspective.

Derek Grant

“We have experienced huge developments in operational excellence in many local TD markets and I am very excited to lead this internationally, in order to lift our standards even higher.”

Derek Grant, VP of Operations

Furthermore, we are excited to announce the creation of a new global marketing department.  Holding the marketing reigns is our new VP of Marketing, Uli Bartholomäus, who has been Regional Director Nordics since 2022. From his new position, Uli will oversee a global rebranding initiative, develop a robust communication strategy, and bolster sales initiatives, with the aim of fortifying Tradedoubler’s market presence and driving new client leads.

Uli Bartholomäus

“I revel at the opportunity to express TD’s authentic self: strong in people, service, and tech. It’s a strategic marketing job that I consider to probably be the coolest I’ve ever had.”

Uli Bartholomäus, VP of Marketing

Completing the trifecta is Camilla Johansson, who is taking on the role as General Manager Nordics. Having transitioned from her previous role of Nordics Director of Client Development, Camilla has a wealth of experience in partner marketing and has been with the company since 2013. Her client-centric approach and strong leadership qualities enable her to spearhead and enhance Advertiser and Publisher success in the Nordics.

Camilla Johansson

Innovation and active campaign planning are the key impact drivers for our Brands and Publishers. Our TD culture today is characterized by curiosity and a growth mindset, and I am very much looking forward to continuing this road.

Camilla Johansson, General Manager Nordics

Matthias Stadelmeyer

“These strategic appointments underscore Tradedoubler’s commitment to fostering innovation, driving sustainable growth, and delivering exceptional value to Brands and Publishers worldwide. I am sending Camilla, Derek and Uli a load of high-fives to wish them all the best in their new roles.”, says Matthias Stadelmeyer, CEO of Tradedoubler.

Matthias Stadelmeyer, CEO

Good luck in your new roles Derek, Camilla, and Uli in making all our TD Brands and Publishers in our network thrive.

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