How to work as a brand with Tradedoubler PVN

So far, we have explained how to work with Tradedoubler PVN as an agency and as a publisher. The final type of client we cater to are brands (or advertisers). We have built the Tradedoubler PVN platform for different types of clients, with features to meet all the specific needs of each one. This means you can work exceptionally well with Tradedoubler PVN, no matter what type of client you are.

In our final blog article, we explain how to work as a brand with Tradedoubler PVN to achieve more sales.

About Tradedoubler PVN

Tradedoubler PVN

What is Tradedoubler PVN? It is a unique white-label solution based on a Private Network. Through it, we provide you with the ability to manage as many advertisers and publishers as you want directly through one central platform.

How it works

Some advertisers have multiple brands, and with Tradedoubler PVN, you are able to promote different products. In this way, you, as an advertiser, can access specific reports for each of your brands and open different programs for various markets.

That means that through Tradedoubler PVS, all of your different programs and campaigns are unified under one platform, allowing you to work on all your activities, for each program or each product, on one advertiser PVN account. You can also add as many brands as the number of markets you are working with. You will be able to create different programs for different products in different markets.

You will also be able to manage your affiliate programs directly by recruiting new publishers, setting up commissions, validating sales or leads, and more.

The Private Network is the best solution for you to import  and manage your existing affiliates as well as  for you to recruit new ones.

One of the best options for using our PVN as a brand is that you can personalise the platform with your own branding, customizing the look and feel of the platform’s layout and design. What’s more, the URL can be personalized so you get a platform 100% aligned with your brand guidelines.

Additionally, with our integrated Global Payment Solutions you can pay your whole publisher network at same time, regardless of the market they are working with. It’s simple, easy and allows better time management, safe in the knowledge that the PVN solution has taken care of everything.

And last but not least, you Will also receive a dedicated service from our technical support team.

Other types of customers

Tradedoubler PVN is not only for agencies, publishers and brands. This is because the partner management solution has multiple functions that are adapted to the type of customer, offering you the greatest benefits.

Get to know how to work as an agency with Tradedoubler PVN and as a publisher!

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