How to work as an agency with Tradedoubler PVN

In our earlier introduction articles about Tradedoubler PVN, we presented the advantages of the partner management solution in detail. In this blog article, we focus on and explain exactly how agencies can workwith Tradedoubler PVN to achieve the best results.

We have developed the Tradedoubler PVN platform for many different types of clients, with features to meet all their specific needs. The main focus was on agencies, publishers, and advertisers. This means that you can work exceptionally well with Tradedoubler PVN, no matter what type of customer you are.

About Tradedoubler PVN

Tradedoubler PVN

What is Tradedoubler PVN? It is a unique white-label solution based on a Private Network. Through it, we provide you with the ability to manage as many advertisers and publishers as you want directly through one central platform.

How it works

Communication or Marketing agencies are the first group we are focusing on when we talk about Tradedoubler PVN. The partner management solution allows you to manage your programs, affiliates and campaign marketing efficiently and intuitively, streamlining the process of contracting, tracking, paying, commissioning, and evaluating performance across channels and devices.

Tradedoubler PVN is also tailored to the all the demands of digital marketing. You can serve and manage display ads, product feeds, vouchers and other affiliate formats through a single interface.

As an agency, you can also give your clients access to a branded platform (your colours and logo). Here the advertisers can create some of their own programs, view their reports, and more. Publishers, meanwhile, can also apply to programs and see their ownreports,too. You can decide what your clients (advertisers and publishers) have access to. For example, if you don’t want your clients to be able to create their own program, you can restrict access to this feature.

Other types of customers

Tradedoubler PVN is not only for agencies, publishers and brands. This is because the partner management solution has multiple functions that are adapted to the type of customer, offering you the greatest benefits.

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