We present today: Tradedoubler PVN

Today we are introducing our new white-label-solution Tradedoubler PVN.

Tradedoubler PVN

At Tradedoubler, we are committed to being your performance partner of choice. Our goal is to support you by using our experience of over 20 years of innovating new technologies. Tradedoubler PVN is a huge step forward in terms of the solutions we provide to help your business grow even further!

What is Tradedoubler PVN?

Tradedoubler PVN offers you the ability to establish a private network for the perfect management of your partnerships. Our PVN solution aims to provide you with the opportunity to manage all activities for your partner programs independently. It comes equipped with features such as setting publisher commission segments, to managing ad content, and much more.

With Tradedoubler PVN, you will gain improved sales attribution, real-time reporting, complete branding of your platform interface, and a direct technical contact person.  The all-in-one platform will increase your time efficiency so that you can focus on your day-to-day, safe in the knowledge that your affiliate programs can be easily taken care of. Plus: there are no limits on the number of  advertisers or publishers you can work with.

What can I do with Tradedoubler PVN?

Tradedoubler PVN allows you to perform all the tasks Tradedoubler currently undertakes for you (and much more) swiftly and independently.

Here are some key features:

· Manage all advertiser activities
· Manage all publisher activities
· Implement diverse tracking solutions for all marketing activities
· View various reports to manage and track the activities through your network
· Brand your platform with your Corporate Identity
· Manage payments
· Control access for your users

Who can use it?

Tradedoubler PVN is designed for communication/marketing agencies, individual clients, and publishers.

Are you an agency?

Tradedoubler PVN offers you a way to track and manage your affiliate and campaign marketing. You can also give your clients access to your branded PVN platform, so that your advertisers can create their own programs, and so that your publishers can apply  to the programs via your PVN, too, with both able to view their own specific reports.

Are you an advertiser?

With Tradedoubler PVN, you can have multiple products and markets, and manage them all through your own publisher network.

Are you a publisher?

Tradedoubler PVN provides you with the technology to manage your tracking through multiple platforms and get all the information you need in one place.

Do you want to learn more about Tradedoubler PVN? Get in touch with us now >>

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