NA-KD’s Affiliate Marketing Manager, Rebecca Jacobsson, was asked to share her thoughts on the partner marketing collaboration with Tradedoubler Nordics, to which she says:

”We have a fantastic partnership with Tradedoubler.”

”Our Client Development Manager helps us a lot. He has a high level of expertise and always provides us with great insights and recommendations. Also, he ensures that we get the most out of the partnerships with the extensive amount of publishers/affiliates within their network.”

Rebecca Jacobsson, NA-KD Affiliate Marketing Manager

This is NA-KD

NA-KD was founded in 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden and have since become one of Europe’s 20 fastest growing companies within the fashion industry. They have a dedication to breaking the fashion status-quo by advocating the value of standing out from the crowd. The company also aspires to be among the top 1% most sustainable fashion brands in the world, and believe that transparency and traceability are the key enablers to reach this goal.

The birth of a collaboration

One year after their founding, NA-KD joined Tradedoubler Nordics by launching affiliate programs in SE, NO, DK & FI. This gave them access to thousands of partner sites across the entire Nordics market.

Their key targets for their marketing with Tradedoubler are:

”We want to target new customers that we otherwise may not have reached. At NA-KD we have an interesting marketing mix, and affiliate marketing is a big part of it. We want to reach as many customers as possible and give opportunities for customers to find attractive offers and vouchers via our partner sites through Tradedoubler.”

How it’s been going

The performance marketing collaboration between NA-KD and Tradedoubler Nordics has been a successful one since the launch of the popular fashion brand in 2016. Close to 1M orders have been delivered through Tradedoubler’s performance & partner network. As for their 2023 results, there have been substantial YoY growth in revenue across all four Nordics programs, with an average increase of +30%.

We also asked Rebecca to share if they’ve had some successful campaigns through the years, to which she responds:

”A ton! We are constantly looking at how we can optimize our campaigns with partners whilst striving to improve our ways of working with Tradedoubler to reach even better results.”

We are happy to have you!

All of us at TD Nordics would like to thank NA-KD for their commitment, trust, and confidence in us as a partner network. The success of the programs are not only a bi-product of a great brand, but what can be achieved through long-term performance marketing partnerships, as well as proactive program management.

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