Deterministic cookieless tracking: The power of Tradedoubler Cross Device Tracking

In the rapidly evolving digital world, advertisers and publishers are perpetually on the hunt for reliable, effective, and privacy-friendly solutions to track transactions accurately and reliably. Traditional tracking methods, like cookies, have served us well, but they’re not without limitations. Enter Tradedoubler Cross Device Tracking, a cutting-edge technology providing a robust and dependable tracking solution.

Navigating away from cookie dependence

Cookies have been the workhorses of the digital marketing landscape for years, providing valuable insights into user behaviour and preferences. Yet, cookie utility is increasingly being scrutinized due to privacy concerns and fragility in a multi-device world.  Also, cookies are only available in individual browsers, often single sessions. A single user might use multiple devices and browsers, resulting in fragmented and incomplete data.

Other obstacles faced include tracking prevention mechanisms included in modern browsers and add-ons, for example, Apple’s recent Link Tracking Protection removes tracking parameters from URLs.

With a shift towards Tradedoubler Cross Device Tracking, we escape the constraints of cookies. This approach is fundamentally different. Instead of relying on a fragile device or browser identifier, the technology uses a hash generated from a user’s email address—a unique and consistent identifier for everyone.

Harnessing the power of the hash

A hash based on a user’s email address is both powerful and unifying – transforming a user’s email address into a unique string of characters. The algorithm used is designed to be irreversible – making it a completely anonymous customer identifier.

Unique across individuals

One of the greatest advantages of this approach lies in the uniqueness of the hashes. Everyone has a different email address, which translates into a unique hash for everyone. This is a game-changer in the realm of tracking, offering marketers a distinct identifier for every user, irrespective of how many devices or browsers they use.

Consistent across multiple devices

In today’s hyper-connected world, consumers frequently switch between devices, from smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktops. This behaviour causes fragmented user profiles when tracking is based on cookies or other browser-dependent identifiers. In contrast, Tradedoubler Cross Device Tracking provides a unified view of each user, as the hash remains the same across all devices. This means even when a user switches from their laptop to their smartphone, they’re still recognized as the same individual, providing a comprehensive picture of their transactions.

Independent from cookies

Cookies are not just device-dependent; they’re also fragile. They can be cleared by the user, blocked by browsers, or become outdated over time. Tracking with a unique hash does not have these limitations, the value does not change unless the user changes their email – making it a more reliable and robust identifier.

And, as privacy regulations become stricter, the use of cookies for tracking is becoming more restricted. In contrast, hashed email addresses, when obtained with proper consent, offer a more privacy-compliant solution.


As digital marketers, it’s crucial to stay one step ahead of evolving technologies and trends. The transition from cookie-dependent tracking to Tradedoubler Cross Device Tracking presents a golden opportunity for performance marketing. Not only does it offer a unique and consistent identifier across multiple devices, but it also liberates marketers from the limitations and uncertainties associated with cookies.

In the future, the Tradedoubler Cross Device Tracking approach is set to become the gold standard for online tracking, helping businesses better understand customers, improve offerings and ultimately, drive growth. Harness the power of Tradedoubler Cross Device Tracking today, and step confidently into the future of performance marketing.

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