Influencer Marketing Trend 2024: CPC Campaigns

Get ready for 2024 with Influencer Marketing now! It’s crucial for brands to keep up with the latest trends to successfully perform influencer marketing campaigns. The trend for 2024 will be CPC campaigns, and it’s essential for you to understand why.

Why CPC Campaigns and not CPA Campaigns?

With performance-based influencer marketing, only each provided service is paid and the efficiency of the advertising campaign can be accurately analysed. This channel is appealing not only for brands but also for content creators, as they receive their payment after the completion of the marketing campaign and a transparent collaboration with the company.

In the Metapic network, a difference can be made between CPA (Cost Per Action) and CPC (Cost Per Click) campaigns. For both brands and content creators, CPC campaigns are more attractive and have more advantages than CPA campaigns. But what are the reasons behind this preference?

CPC CampaignsCPA Campaigns
Lower arbitrage resulting in immediate performance and new customersEvery brand pays the same remuneration – this is not attractive for creators to promote your products
Boost brand awareness and visibility especially when being new to the marketOrders not completed through the creator link will be disregarded with the payout for creators
Faster payout for creators, therefore higher chances your products will be advertisedSlow payout for creators
In the long term, more content creator choices
Control each creator performance individually and limit your portfolio to top-performing creators only
Increased clicks (awareness) and sales

CPC Campaign alternative

CPC campaigns are not possible for you, but do you still want to adapt to the influencer marketing trend in 2024? Then, you should pay Metapic a fixed budget to allow our experts to distribute it according to your goals and adjust it in the long term. A budget for a CPC push is also possible, as this provides Metapic with the content creator data to enable targeted work to make your brand more attractive in the network.

Start planning for 2024 now

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