How to grow your performance

The back-to-school season is just around the corner. That means, you can boost your sales again in the middle of the year. That’s why we’re taking this time to summarise the most important points for you on how you can improve the performance of your affiliate programs.

Boost your performance

If you already have affiliate programs, you know that the social relationship with the affiliate partner, continuous management, and optimisation are key factors. In order to increase measurable success, your affiliate marketing program has to be continuously optimised.

The basis for this are the following points:

· Weekly performance reviews, which need to be questioned in a positive and negative way

· Analysis of performance together with publisher, advertiser, and the affiliate network

· Identify the reasons for strong performance

· Remove weaknesses and optimise performance with the help of the affiliate network

Which strategies help to increase performance during the back-to-school season?

It is important to work transparently with your partner and get support from an affiliate network like Tradedoubler. For this, we have the necessary technology and resources to boost your performance during and after back-to-school season.

The following strategies can be effective:

· Additional promotions with a focus on back-to-school.

· Select your partners for Back-to-School season and focus on them

· Exclusive offers (vouchers, discounts, coupons, etc.) for selected partners to increase their performance and focus on the back-to-school target group.

· Search the Tradedoubler network for new potential partners who can address the back-to-school topic and show  potential growth

· Enable additional publisher models during the back-to-school season to ensure your brand is always present to consumers

· CPO increase invest in suitable publishers – higher commissions for publishers and special placements for advertisers

Start now with effective performance increase

Do you also want to increase your performance outside of the back-to-school season? Get in touch with our performance experts now and benefit from your success in the long term >>

Good to know – We make performance marketing intelligent and diverse with our possibilities.

We are continuously expanding our portfolio for performance marketing solutions. Starting with premium media cooperations, social media partnerships like TikTok, influencer marketing with Metapic, TD Programmatic, Search, App-Install with Appiness, to customer service and win-back with loyalty, cashback, and remarketing.

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