5 years with Anita Jęksa

Anita Jęksa has been a part of Tradedoubler Poland since 2018. Learn in our interview what she has to do as a Partnership Development Manager and a few insights about her.

Anita Jęksa
Anita Jęksa, Partnership Development Manager at Tradedoubler Poland


Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I come from a small town by the lakes in the northern part of Poland and have been living in Warsaw for several years. I’m a nature lover and a very calm person. After work, I usually swim, do yoga, stretch or eat Asian food. These are my tried-and-tested remedies for a worse day. Ever since I can remember I’ve always wanted to be able to cook well – I’m learning it all the time so that I order takeaway less.

Part at Tradedoubler

Can you briefly introduce your role at Tradedoubler?

Since beginning of my work at Tradedoubler, I have been part of the Partnership Department, where I have had the opportunity to develop in terms of working with publishers. Currently, I’m responsible for preparing offers for advertisers for various marketing activities, and I also help publishers during ongoing cooperations.

Can you tell us a bit more about how you joined the company?

Towards the end of my undergraduate studies, I decided to take part in the first edition of the eManger Internship Programme, which was designed to help students at this university with finding a job after graduation and to give them the chance to try their hand at a company of their choice. The programme covered a variety of industries, but I knew I wanted to try my hand at marketing, and with that, and so I was assigned to a 4-month internship at Tradedoubler. In retrospect, I think it was a gift from fate. I moved to Warsaw and found myself in a new place and in a new role very quickly. I liked it so much that I’m still here today.

What do you appreciate the most about your job?

At Tradedoubler Poland, people always come first. I appreciate the fact that we have the opportunity to work shorter hours and that the working hours are very flexible, so that everyone has the chance for self-development and more time for family. For as long as I can remember, we have always had the opportunity to further our education in many areas or to find new passions. I’m happy to join a team where I feel very comfortable.


Where do you see the industry going?

The industry is developing very rapidly and is being strengthened by the introduction of new technological solutions such as AI marketing. There is great potential here to develop existing collaborative ideas. Space is opening up to automate work or monitor the results of ongoing activities.

A big thank you goes to Anita! You have done an excellent job over the last 5 years, and we look forward to working with you for many years to come.

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