15 years with Łukasz Szymula

Łukasz Szymula has been a part of Tradedoubler since 2008. Over these years, he excellently drove the Polish business forward, and for this work, he was rewarded several times by receiving awards for Tradedoubler.

Łukasz Szymula

Łukasz Szymula, Country Manager Poland and CEE


Describe yourself in 3 words.

Leader & Sense Maker

If you could repeat one day from your life, what would it be and why?

I am an experienced deep diver – I have been diving in wrecks, caves, and mines for over 20 years. I remember when I was diving the WWII wreck „Franken” for the first time in my life as a beginner in technical diving. It’s a wreck lying in the Baltic Sea at a depth of 50-75 meters. On that day, I saw it for the first time and from that day on, I knew that I would dedicate a large part of my diving life to this wreck. I have been on the wreck itself more than 100 times later. And it was on that day that I simply fell in love with this kind of wreck diving – I would like to relive that moment, the excitement, and that great taste of the adventure ahead of me.

Part at Tradedoubler

Can you tell us more about your role and background?

I am the country manager responsible for the entire Tradedoubler business in Poland and the CEE region. Because of how big a team we already have in Poland, my role is now primarily people-related – I think, I would say of myself now that I am Head of People & Culture. My professional mission is to build the best workplace in every respect. Also, of course, from a business development point of view and looking after the sales performance of our clients.

Before joining Tradedoubler, I worked for global FMCG companies and co-founded one of the first digital agencies in Poland.

Above and beyond that, I am a certified business trainer, coach, and mentor.

What is so special about your daily work?

The team! I’m very fortunate and privileged to work with some of the best performance marketing experts, great people, and colleagues. And it is our shared feeling that we are truly supporting our clients’ businesses by delivering the results they want. I have a shared sense of delivering great value for our clients and publishers.


In what ways has Tradedoubler changed since you started?

When I started at Tradedoubler, no one knew about affiliate marketing, and performance marketing. We were operating in a completely new field and, as pioneers, we were building this market from scratch. When we started, the Polish team consisted of 6 people and generated Order Value worth PLN 200 million. Today it is the largest player in Poland and CEE, A 60-people team and an Order Value more than PLN 5bn.


What was your major success with Tradedoubler since you started in 2008?

These successes have been many, as evidenced by numerous industry awards, but also awards for creating a good work culture. The most important awards for me include Great Place to Work and the title I recently won of e-commerce Champion 2023.

Were there any notable moments during this time? What were they? Did they do something for you?

The breakthrough transformation for us was the implementation of the 6-hour working day with great success. That changed a lot in our organization and allowed us to become not only a pioneer in performance marketing, but even a global pioneer in terms of creating a work culture. Anyway, in general, I often refer to myself as an advocate of an accountability culture.

What are you passionate about in the industry and this company in general?

Above all, it is the co-creation of the entire e-commerce ecosystem, being it’s an important part and having a real impact on digital. Working digitally is a very modern job, in tune with the biggest trends. And it has a gigantic impact on business development, influencing the success of many companies.

It’s also important to me that digital marketing is a dynamic and changing environment, requiring creativity and innovation, but also good analytics and data optimization.


What advice would you give to recent new entrants?

These aspects make working in digital marketing potentially passionate and rewarding for those who value a dynamic environment, creativity, data analysis, and business impact. So, my advice is: to stay updated, stay curious and experiment, and develop soft skills.

A big thank you goes to Łukasz. You have done an excellent job over the last 15 years, and we look forward to working with you for many years.

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