Tradedoubler works with affiliate marketing, a type of performance-based marketing. We have a network of advertisers and publishers, where the publisher gets awarded for every purchase they’ve generated for the advertiser. Affiliate links can be a web banner, an image or a text link that leads to another website, often with the purpose to sell a product. For example: you visit a blog post that shows different kinds of dresses with affiliate links to the products. When you want to read more about a dress or buy it, you click the link which directs to an advertiser’s website. The blog is the publisher and gets rewarded for every purchase.

Essentially, publishers act as an outsourced sales team for the advertiser, promoting their products and getting rewarded, most often, on a percentage of the basket value.

What does affiliate marketing and performance-based marketing mean? - Tradedoubler

Tradedoubler has more than 2000 advertisers and 180 000 active publishers. Our market leading technology platform enables us to offer tailored performance solutions based on your exact needs – all over the world!

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Electronics had a strong 2018 with 3% YOY growth, mobile sales increased by 39% YOY to now 15%, AOV increased by 10% YOY to now 165 €. Read more key facts.